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April 22nd, 2018

Michael Bay Talks Directing Transformers 4

I’ve been witnessing a vast amount of speculation revolving the possibility that Michael Bay being in talks to direct TRANSFORMERS 4. There have been supposedly confirmed reports as well as reports to the contrary. Regardless of what the real truth is, a quote from Bay indicates that he is still not sure of he will be behind the camera for the next sequel and beyond.

Admittedly I am not a hater of the extremely loud and overlong Bay films featuring the giant robots, although TRANFORMERS 2 REVENGE OF THE FALLEN really has some terrible ideas going on and the last two have been entirely too long. I don’t care if Bay comes back or not- actually I might prefer he didn’t come back. The plus side of him coming back is that it will he visually exciting, the bad is that it will he way too long and have a terrible script full of bad and tasteless jokes. The plus side of someone new coming on is that even if the studio demands a similar formula of tasteless jokes the new director can hopefully make the film much shorter and at least get to the point quicker.

The fact is that no matter if Bay is on board or not, you won’t he seeing any TRANSFORMERS sequel sweeping awards at the Oscars. The best you can hope for is awesome action with brilliant special effects, but with Bay on board the movie will be over 2 hours approaching 2 and a half and that’s just too long for a movie with the script these movies have been giving us. Bay gives us very pretty images and quite of bit of action but if someone else can deliver good visuals with great action at half the time I’ll take it in a heartbeat.


  1. Powerssam

    Bey there is a remake in the making soon.

  2. Zane100

    U haterrrr!!!! All transformers wrre great! !!

  3. Geust

    HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Transformers is awesome and two hours please, That means more action and . . . TRANSFORMERS!!

  4. C Cole33479

    I can tell you that the length of the movies have been totally acceptable its notl ike it is all boring and u could fall asleep during them they are too interesting and Bay has done a brilliant job with all of them

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