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May 22nd, 2018

Luke’s Top 10 Movies Of 2011

Updated: Keep checking back as I update with reviews of movies on the list of films I missed in 2011

I enjoy looking back over the year that was and reminiscing over my favorite movies. I believe it is important to point out though that when I write a list like this and call it a Best Of it’s just one way of conveying that what is to follow are the movies that I enjoyed the most throughout the year. I do not claim to have better taste in movies than any single person or that my list is the definitive version, it’s simply a collection of movies that I got the most enjoyment out of. Unfortunately as I compiled the titles I enjoyed the most I was left with a collection of movies that I enjoyed just as much as the rest it just became difficult to try and decide what ones I wanted to give the recognition to.

The other disappointing aspect I was faced with was the fact that there is a great amount of movies I really wanted to watch before making this list and just haven’t had the time. So please once you’re done reading feel free to continue on for a list of movies I haven’t been able to see to get a little more context to why something may not be on my best list.

10. The Muppets – When I went into THE MUPPETS I was fully prepared to melt in the nostalgia. This movie is number one in my heart, but wasn’t quite as triumphant as I felt it should be to be higher on the list. I had a grin from beginning to end and had some of the musical numbers been as great as “Life’s a Happy Song” I would have indeed left to immediately shatter glass reciting every beat to every song. As I mentioned though, THE MUPPETS may be at number 10 as far as this list is concerned, but they are so delightful and fun that they will always be number one in my heart.

9. Crazy Stupid Love – This one really came out of nowhere for me. The title, the premise and the fact that I’m not the world’s biggest Steve Carell fan did not have me convinced I was going to walk out of this happy. To my utter shock I walked out of this with a huge grin on my face and surprised by how funny and heartfelt it all was without hitting the rom com pitfalls so many other movies fall victim to. Ryan Gosling is incredibly smooth and charismatic and I even enjoyed Steve Carell quite a bit. Few romantic comedies get to me quite like this so CRAZY STUPID LOVE deserves its props.

8. Super 8 – When I saw SUPER 8 for the first time I ended up be much more enamored over the experience immediately after than I was weeks and even months down the road with every new movie that came out. You will notice the film is still on the list because I really do love it and it is a great example of a Spielberg movie not directed by Spielberg. The kid actors are phenomenal and the tension throughout the film before the actual reveal of the monster was great. SUPER 8 is even just worth sitting through to get a look at the short film the kids are making throughout the course of the movie.


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  1. morisal1966

    See Hugo!  It will shoot not only to the top of this list, it will very likely make it to your top 25 or 50 ever.  The first half hour or so may be a little trying for an adult; it will seem like a kid flick, and then the real story kicks into full gear.  Can’t recommend it enough.  Just sterling film-making from Scorcese, some brilliant performances, and a wonderful homage to one of cinema’s true pioneers.  It’s GOT to take an Oscar or four this year!

    Also, don’t forget about J. Edgar.  Tremendous work from Clint Eastwood and easily Leonardo DiCaprio’s best performance to date.

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