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March 22nd, 2019

Luke’s 10 Worst Movies Of 2011

Say what you will about worst of lists, but the fact of the matter is that with the wealth of opinions out there both top and bottom picks can be quite different. When I sit down to make my own list I have to avoid making choices based off what would make people respond better to my picks and more towards arranging them in the order at which they entertained me the most. I do not enjoy trying to arrange movies in a list of what I hate because I try very hard to find something to enjoy in everything I see and sometimes I end up enjoying things other people would put low on their totem pole. You won’t see any obscure straight to DVD picks here because there’s no point in sifting through titles most people will ignore anyway unless it was very good in which case it could get a shout out in the best of list even if it doesn’t make the top ten.

Below are my choices for wide theatrical releases that I have enjoyed the least throughout the year that was 2011. Keep in mind there are a handful of titles I have not had the chance to check out or don’t plan on checking out do to time restraints or interest. You may not agree with my choices which I more than anticipate and I encourage discussion, but keep it civil.

10. Green Lantern – The superhero movie starring Ryan Reynolds earns its spot here for being the most disappointing of the hero movies this year and just disappointing overall. The actors mostly sleepwalk through with the exception of Mark Strong, the story is all over the place and the side plot involving Peter Sarsgaard is bizarre and pointless. If not for an interesting visual approach this could have landed much lower- even with the uninspired design of the Lantern’s power and shaky effects here and there the film has a decent look. Given the budget though, this should have been so much more than it is.

9. Season of the Witch – Nic Cage has had an intriguing career. He has award worthy performances and others that border on strange and insane. I loved his performance in BAD LIEUTENANT recently but this is not Cage on his A game. If the film embraced the craziness at the end of the film it may have avoided being included here but the timeline of the film is unintentionally funny at times and tonally all over the place. The effects are cheesy and Ron Perlman is a lot of fun which made it hard to come to terms with the film being as bad as it was.

8. Zookeeper – I like Kevin James. It’s hard to admit that when his presence remains unseen in a movie that doesn’t get completely dumped on by critics and other moviegoers. I enjoyed him in THE DILEMMA but even that film has a lot of problems. In all honesty ZOOKEEPER did make me laugh- but not enough to make me overlook what I look for in movies I want to watch over and over or recognize as an actual “good” film. This movie lacks originality in its premise and is uninspired when it comes to the voice actors and execution. Some of the animals were funny, but in the end family entertainment begs for better products than this even if it does hide some decent laughs.



  1. no way sucker punch is on this list.

    mission impossible 4 sucked hard.

  2. I expected more from Sucker Punch too, but I watched it more than once.

  3. I had a feeling Green Lantern was gay long before he came out of the closet.

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