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May 26th, 2018

Luke’s 10 Worst Movies Of 2011

7. The Smurfs – After finally sitting down to watch this I now know without a doubt that if not for the success of ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS this movie would probably never have happened. It imitates the style of that movie around every corner and that’s not really a good thing. The little blue dudes are cute yes and do serve as great fodder for nostalgia for anyone who grew up with them, but mixing them in to the real world was a fatal mistake. The mischief and set ups are tired and overdone and the effects of when the real people touch or interact with a Smurf are terrible. The animation before they enter the real world is cartoonish but at least it was enjoyable. If we must have a sequel, keep it out of reality.

6. New Year’s Eve – One of the only reasons this one is not lower on the list is solely because I expected absolutely nothing out of it- which can be said for any movie on the list that isn’t at the number one spot. Don’t be fooled, NEW YEAR’S EVE is not a good movie, but there were a few moments and aspects of some of the stories that made me laugh or entertained me so I have to give the film a little bit of credit, but not too much.

5. Jack and Jill – I hated the trailer for this movie. I thought it was a joke- like one of the movies from FUNNY PEOPLE the movie where Sandler mocks his career in dumb movies. When the tragic truth dawned on me I knew I’d have to see it for myself. This IS one of those dumb movies Sandler poked fun at himself for doing in a movie like FUNNY PEOPLE- that doesn’t make this comedy genius. There is too much sophomoric humor and not enough clever dialogue and jokes between characters. Sandler is annoying when he does that over the top voice he uses when he plays his own twin sister- to a painful extent. Pacino is hilarious and even more so when him and Sandler are basically joking about the terrible product they are watching. Sandler fans like me are dying for a return to form and this isn’t it.

4. The Rite – A wasted performance by Anthony Hopkins is about all there is to remember in regards to THE RITE. This film got more kudos from me after initially watching it than it would have had the events had time to sit in my brain and then almost completely disappear less than a day or two after seeing it. I do however remember that the main actor in the film is the second coming of Keanu Reeves, should any aspiring filmmakers be planning their movie around a hollow shell of an actor with no personality.


  1. no way sucker punch is on this list.

    mission impossible 4 sucked hard.

  2. I expected more from Sucker Punch too, but I watched it more than once.

  3. I had a feeling Green Lantern was gay long before he came out of the closet.

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