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November 20th, 2018

Long Awaited Trailer For The Cabin In The Woods

Yesterday we posted the cool new poster for Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon’s upcoming horror film THE CABIN IN THE WOODS. Not long after the first official trailer for the film surfaced over at Yahoo! Movies. As I mentioned in the post for the poster yesterday this film has been being pushed back from release for quite some time- a fact that I contemplated had to do with waiting for its star Chris Hemsworth to hit it big as THOR in his own film and THE AVENGERS. So, the question now is does the film appear to be worth the wait?

The short answer from my point of view is hell yes. We’ve had films that sit on the shelf for years only to be forced direct to video and getting lost among big releases and usually rightfully so and THE CABIN IN THE WOODS looks to be heads and tails above any single direct to DVD horror. Not to say all direct to DVD horror is bad but the majority do not show the quality and intrigue as the film directed by Goddard and written by him as well with Whedon.

The idea of the film is that it is supposed to take the subgenre of horror where people get stalked in the woods at a cabin by some supernatural force or killer and flip the genre on its head. Well it is evident in the trailer that this definitely not your typical stuck in a cabin horror movie. We are not sure of the trailer gives away too much at this point, but it appears an awful lot of information is given in the trailer. That being said, in no way does it seem like we’ve even begun to witness the insanity in the film. The final minutes of the trailer look pretty crazy and the vibe of the rest of the trailer is pretty awesome as well.

Chris Hemsworth stars in the film and it follows a group of friends looking to get out and have some R&R at a cabin in the middle of the woods when some really strange and dangerous happenings begin to present themselves. The trailer looks to have elements of THE EVIL DEAD but with a very peculiar technological twist as the woods seem to be enclosed by some type of force field and the dangerous elements stalking the friends are being released by someone watching over them. Regardless of speculation THE CABIN IN THE WOODS just shot up the list of films I cannot wait to see.

Via: Yahoo! Movies



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