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December 19th, 2018

Lionsgate Says There Will Be A Saw 8

How many of you are tired of hearing about the possibility of an eighth SAW film? How many are just tired of SAW films altogether? I have a foot in both camps and just a finger barely touching the circle of people actually looking forward to another movie featuring the deathly traps of Jigsaw. In a recent interview, Lionsgate Vice Chairman, Michael Burns merely hinted the possibility that Jigsaw will be back and not actually confirming the actual production.

In all honesty a new SAW film would be the film I am least interested in hearing about considering they have THE HUNGER GAMES releasing next year and another possible sleeper horror hit on their hands in the festival acclaimed, YOU’RE NEXT.

If a new SAW film is announced and made, I will not be surprised. I sort of lost interest or fell out of highly anticipating them after SAW 3 and gave up on seeing them in theaters after SAW 4. To this point I have seen all the sequels minus SAW 7 which I sat down and tried watching on Netflix Watch Instantly when it was added and ended up shutting it off after 15 minutes.

Financially, another SAW film might make sense since they make the studio money. Lionsgate is a studio that has mishandled titles I have really enjoyed like the recent Ryan Reynolds vehicle, BURIED. I would much rather the studio spend time bringing less Jigsaw and instead tries to find something new to unleash on the movie going public like they did with the original SAW film.

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  1. David

    Since I am a fan of the Saw franchise, there is one possibility.  There is one loose end within the franchise.  All of the main characters, with the exception of Dr. Gordon, met their demise–except for the cop’s son from Saw II.  This could work and could launch  a spin off franchise.

    • Melovecookie

      The cop’s son dies in one of the games ( can’t think if it’s 1 or 2). They’re supposed to act as ties ins with the movies and they clear up a few loose ends. Although not enough to expell the need for an eighth film.

    • Andy Davies

      He has a name…Daniel Matthews..The son of Eric Matthews He is alive and well..

  2. JPX

    I love the SAW films and I can’t wait for another installment.  Why so snarky, moviesonline?

  3. Abhishek

    i like all episodes of SAW movie i want to know what had happened the cop’s son from part 2 and the doctor’s daughter end of part 4  where she is in next part….

  4. Playa

    In my opinion you have to have watched Saw movies altogether, every single part without an exception, to really be able to judge that franchise. If I had only seen let’s say Saw 4 I would have been like ‘what the hell is this bull…..???’. So much for that :)
    Since I have seen every Saw I’d love to see Saw 8.

    • Dormantsaiyan

      Well said! As cheesy as some may be the fact that you will see something in saw 3(Amanda crying about reading note) however don’t know what it says until 6 or 7. Things like that make saw great! I want an 8th film!

  5. StevoH

    lets face it, lots of people don’t want to see an eight instalment of saw for many reasons…. but I think, for anyone to truly understand it, they have to see the entire films and not to judge it on a couple here and there. Saw 3D, in my opinion, was the worst of them even though I liked it. My question is, If saw 7(3D) was in reality ”The Final Chapter” why didn’t they simply put an end to it?
           There will be more, I think its just a matter of WHEN. Halloween 2012? 

    ”The Final Chapter” has not been seen……. lets just hope its like what they did with Harry Potter: ”The Final Chapter part 2”!!! lol

    • Cameron Icardi

      I’m sure you know this, but you realize Harry Potter movies 7 and 8 were from one book, right?

    • Levi

       That’s what they originally planned to do. But they decided to fuse both movie ideas into one slapped together at the last minute movie.

  6. Hdyczkowsky

    In my opinion I think SAW 8 should be all the survivors from the other SAW movies in one huge “game”. The game will be held by Dr. Gordan.

    • Draven

       Hell Yeah! now That’s What I Call A Saw Film! Cause A Lot Of Them Didn’t Even Go Through The Traps, And The People That Did Weren’t Grateful For The Life They Got.

    • VertisticINC

      I COMPLETELY agree. im only 12, but i LOVE the WHOLE SAW SERIES…Its Fricking AWSOME!!!!!!!

      • Harmony

        You’re twelve? If I had seen SAW at twelve I would have freaked out completely. Then again I was a major coward back then.

    • Awesome idea… my son and I look forward to each new SAW movie. Hell they kept Friday the 13th going on forever, why not with this. Only adding new twists and characters to it. Keep you guessing as to who is behind all of it… It can’t just be 1 person……I employ you to give us SAW 8….. SOON…..

  7. Scorp1122

    I’m certainly not tired of it at all .. Looking forward on watching it..

  8. mb22

    Really just interested in the John Kramer flashbacks.

  9. no don’t care for saw or battleroyale i mean ummm lord of the flies….no still wrong. Hunger Games is that the movie with the kids on an island or wilderness forced to survive and kill eachother??

    • No it’s what you said earlier in the post which was Lord Of The Flies

    • Hawkeye

      All those stories had completely different plots excep the fact that hunger games and battle royal were based on discipline but one was to controol the uprising of children and the other was an attempted so called Promiss to live equally

  10. Dirtysouth171

    I love the saw movies. It would be good to have another saw movie. Just as long as the fags behind paranormal activity don’t make anymore.

    • Harmony

      Hey! I liked Paranormal Activity! It was an absolutely movie. Or at least I think it was. I love ghosts and demons so anything that has them involved in it’s plot line is alright in my book.

      • jason

        I saw all of the saw movies and u do have to see all of them and then comment. But just remember hoffman is still alive so it hasnt really ended yet. Saw 8 definitely…. “U think its over just because im dead…. Its not over, this is just the begining.”
        “Oh yes there will be blood!”

        • M-o-n-s

          It looks like you heard of the death metal band called “Dawn Of Demise” ha ha. – Saw earned it’s title, but there is also another movie made by the same saw producers called “The Collector” made in 2009, and there will be a sequel called “The Collection” in 2012.

  11. Sunlight_Chronicles

    I love saw, but I have to say I realy do think they should stop making them, but the way they ended saw 7 was completly stupid. That was a huge cliff hanger. There was no happy ending and to me a long franchise like that should end happy, and the traps weren’t even that extreme as I was hopping, so I’M 100% SURE SAW 8 WILL HAPPEN FANS WILL DEMAND MORE AND THE STUDIO WILL MAKE IT, THATS HOW SCRE4M WAS MADE AND HOPEFULY S5 AND S6 :)

  12. Nogli

    I like the Saw films, but I’m not sure about a Saw VIII. Saw VII/3D was clearly styled as a grand finale. All of the villains were dead, at long last ‘the reverse bear-trap’ was seen at work etc. While it’s pretty thin, there is an ongoing plot in the Saw series, and it was one massive ‘final battle’. Were the Saw series just one film, it was the right amount of time to devote to that. But there are a couple of loose ends in it. 

    For example who was behind the other pig masks. Also, after so long, that short montage of Dr Gordon at the end was way too short. There is so much more that could have been shown. It was a ‘what’ but there was no ‘why’. Hoffman’s death was only implied (but very likely with no saw and no allies to get him out), so a final film as a showdown between him and Gordon would work nicely. However, closing Saw VII/3D in that room brought the series full circle nicely. So I’d rather it didn’t happen. 

    Those loose ends could have been resolved with just 5-10 more minutes, and Saw VII/3D would have been so much better. It doesn’t need another film.

  13. The Moose

    What some people don’t seem to get is that Gordon wasn’t really an accomplice in the sense that Amanda and Hoffman were – he was Jigsaw’s “greatest asset” in that he had complete anonymity from everyone up to Jigsaw’s actual accomplices, and no one (in the films, I mean) could have seen him coming. So he was perfect to ensure that Hoffman never went too far, and he obviously went too far in Saw VI when he started actually killing people without use of traps. He was a loose cannon, and what Gordon did was effectively putting down a rabid dog.

    My basic point is, Gordon was never going to continue the games: he was there to end them. The only way they could really continue the series from where they left off at this point is with Hoffman, and he’d have to perform some kind of miracle to escape that bathroom without a saw or toilet tank cover.

    The people saying that the series shouldn’t continue simply because this one was styled “The Final Chapter” need to think about what they’re saying. Look at Friday the 13th, and how many times they made movies claiming to be the finale. At least three, if I recall.

    Anyway, on the whole, I’m of mixed minds on the possibility of an eighth movie. I’d definitely watch it if it ever happened, but I just don’t see, at this point, what they could really do with it.

  14. Brandonrafferty

    i want to know what hapend to the little girl seen at the end of 3?? and the son in 2 although thats my least intrested but the girl was in a trap as i recall? the room slowly losing oxygen? and i think they should spend maybe 2 years on this one to make it very good… graphics wise (blood looked very fake in a few) creative and unseen traps, tie up ALL lose ends and give it a nice walk away( although i dont want to see it end)

    • Nick L

      In the beginning of saw five, after the cop is in the glass box fillin with water, it shows hoffman walkin out carrying the girl from the third movie. The third and fourth take place at around the same time. The beginning of five takes place a few minutes after the fourth

  15. I think the only way a new SAW movie is going to work is if they just branch away from Jigsaw, Det. Hoffman, and Dr. Gordon, and just start off with a couple of copycat jigsaw killers.Just start with whole new characters and have them kind of turn on eachother with one character putting all the people that bullied him in high school (because I think we all secretly would want to see the people who picked on us in a trap). It should be purely selfish vengeance and have his partner thinking that these people deserve to be in traps and who’s to say if they do or not. It would be cool to see one get out of a trap that malfunctions and have them go after their captors. It shouldn’t just be about one person being tested and picking who  lived or dies b/c they did that in the last 2 films already and thats getting boring.

    • Elementalist

      And the bully who gets out of the traps is doc gordon! And then he either teaches the new vengence guy the true way of jigsaw or he disposes with him in a real grand finale saw trap!

  16. We need to have a sitcom, a show just like: House, Fringe, American Idol….etc!!! The Saw Tv Show!

  17. Mrj192

    These damn saw movies need to end because there pointless and fuckin boring. I can’t even watch them without falling asleep. I mean really you have to be a fuckin moron to like these fuckin movies. I don’t even under stand why someone would call this a horror francise it’s not even close to scary it’s more like a stupid comedy that makes you dumb just watching the fuckin thing.

    • Tw1Zt3D

      i think u need to go fuck urself… lets be honest, theres not 1 scary movie in the whole world… none of them are scary… i dont jump or get squemish, but ur a fucking stupid cunt if u think that the saw films are boring… i think u should get a grip… if u pulled ur dick out ur boyfriends ass for a change, u might actually be able to watch the films from start to finish, and then ud see how wrong u actually were… its not our fault ur not intelectual enough to understand them… go back to watching teen-slashers faggit!?! 😛

    • Harmony

      And what exactly would you call scary?

    • Harmony

      And what exactly would you call scary?

    • Harmony

      And what exactly would you call scary?

    • Elementalist

      And its more of a psychological thriller/horror. And whats the point of comming on a saw fan page if you hate saw? Get a fucking grip and stop being a dooshbag

    • Mr.FatSack54

      If liking these movies makes us “fuckin’ moron”, then I’ll happily admit i’m a fuckin’ moron. Cause I love Saw. Long live Saw.

  18. Mrj192

    These damn saw movies need to end because there pointless and fuckin boring. I can’t even watch them without falling asleep. I mean really you have to be a fuckin moron to like these fuckin movies. I don’t even under stand why someone would call this a horror francise it’s not even close to scary it’s more like a stupid comedy that makes you dumb just watching the fuckin thing.

  19. Ed

    The Saw films are extremly clever, they should make at least one more.

  20. joesey

    I miss SAW I went every year for the 7 years! I’d always drag one of my friends to go and they’d have a great time, we’d sorta make a thing out of it every year. I hope they bring it back : (

  21. le guest

    There deffo will be an eigth becase at this point we dont even know why Hoffman was ‘jigsawed’. It has to be explained >< 

    • meow

      They show a flashback of John Kramer/Jigsaw telling Dr. Gordon to keep an eye on his ex wife and to act on his behalf if anything happened to her.

  22. Fnjnf

    definitely hope there will be a saw 8! so many questions to be answered!

  23. Xdeadontheinsidex

    This article is a little too focused on opinion as opposed to actual news. Besides that, I wouldn’t mind another film. I am a movie snob but I grew up on horror, and films of this nature, so I have a soft spot for these kinds of films. There is no real artistic value in any of the films after Saw, but I don’t mind turning off my brain for a little ” torture porn” as it has been coined. You can’t take these films seriously. They are meant to simply be raw entertainment and they are.

  24. Nicknasty124

    This idiot’s opinion means nothing. He’s obviously not a fan since his attitude is so negative that he shut off possibly the best saw film to date after 15 minutes.financially he says it’d be smart to release number 8 because the movies make money ; well no S**T Retard,the movies don’t print currency so it must be people paying to see them that makes money. You piece of filth.the only thing people are tired of hearing is douchebags like you bitching about nonsense through your i205 from your mom’s basement while you masturbate to little league videos.

  25. Jmer023

    Huge Saw Fan! They definitely need to make a Saw 8. I love all the movies but Saw 3d was the most disappointing. The 3d was cool but it seemed they focused more on that than the story. I was waiting for the greastest twist and story yet but that wasn’t the case. Although I like Dr. Gordon being involved from the beginning. I saw an interview with the original Saw writers and they said they would do another Saw film If they were able to add some fresh ideas to it which I believe is a great direction to take this series. Like bring somebody back that we thought was dead or something like that. There’s endless possibilities with this series. I just hope they make another and take their time with the plot and the twist. Bring back the old feel from the original Saw film. It would be a hit!!!

    • Bigtwig82

      Agreed!! And let’s leave the 3D effect to the animation movies….right?? Saw 7 looked how Friday the 13th in 3D looked I.e. finding reasons to lunge things at you.

  26. John davil

    I hope that doc. Gordon continues the work for Jigsaw and I hope there will be another

  27. Dreammaster695

    I really hope there is a saw 8, I love the saw films and i would go and see it in the cinemas.

  28. eye saw youth err

    I hope there would be an 8th, with a slightly sequel-ish thing so that there would be more movies of it

  29. poisonivy4

      “To this point I have seen all the sequels minus SAW 7 which I sat down
    and tried watching on Netflix Watch Instantly when it was added and
    ended up shutting it off after 15 minutes…”  Sorry, Mr. Reviewer guy, but you’re wrong.  Saw knocks it out of the ballpark every time!!!  C’mon Lionsgate—-bring on more Saw—-and tell me what really happened to Adam!!!

    • Mr.FatSack54

      In Saw II or Saw III, it was shown in a flashback that Amanda came back to the bathroom and suffocated Adam with a plastic bag or something, killing him.

      • Ghostly Tea

        If you look closely at the scene there is a chance adam is alive. Watch again and the reason why adam was knocked out was not because of the plastic bag but because he hit his nose on the toilet seat causing him to get knocked out.

        • brucelee6783

          Adam’s corpse is shown in the bathroom near the end of Saw 2, when Amanda and Daniel Matthews enter the bathroom to escape from Xavier.

  30. akbarlangra

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  31. Jill

    Someone’s abit fussy with their movies… Well I hope there is a Saw 8!! biggest fan of them :)

  32. Leo

    that’s like saying Arnolds a good actor, I don’t care what movie you watch he’s is horrible not my full opinion, but honestly, if you think saw series is bad then you better think about all the movies you think are a good. most movies are a fail… even horror movies but in plot terms this was the best of it’s time for plot, if you don’t like plot then go fk yourself’s, cause story isn’t always the main attraction, fk’n children. hey what’s your favorite movie? tell me so I may shut you down on your crap picture, just like  you did do this series… b.t.w. if your so perfect then why do your movies suck?

  33. Bigtwig82

    All honesty I love the entire Saw franchise, Saw 7 I felt only lost clout in the series due to the “3D” gimmick smh. It be great to see a Part 8 hopefully they don’t try pulling a Final Destination move by making it a prequel….fingers crossed.

  34. Koop619

    Buried? Really? That movie was honestly the worst movie ever and pry was made with 20 bucks

  35. Hunterhayes68

    Ive seen 5 of them and I plan on watching the rest soon…I hope there will b more so I can watch them in theaters!!

  36. Leona04

    SAW  FTW i loved the franchise i reeely hope ther is a 8th one theres just so much that cud happen  😮 

  37. K-Feath

    I sooo wanna see a Saw 8. so many questionsleft unanswered it’s like they almost have to make another one

  38. TylerT

    I feel like there will be one in 2013. Just cause the 13 part lol Plus theyd wait a few years since Saw 7 so it’ll be a return movie. There are conspiracy ideas on youtube which could be right. I remember years before Saw 7, I saw a video with the prediction of Dr. Gordon returning. His evidence was the exact ones used in Saw 7. Some people are very good with these predictions. I hope they make it!

  39. Living dead gurll

    Saw movies are my and my husbands halloween tradition. We always went n seen em all every year. I want another Saw! =)

  40. AnApparition

    Honestly I enjoyed every Saw movie, until the 7th. Saw 7 was the only Saw I’ll honestly say was a bad movie. The acting was far worse than previous installments, story was lacking compared to previous ones, the traps were too over the top and main character’s choices were way too predictable (the whole story was too predictable). If the series ended with a let-down like Saw 7, I would have been very disappointed. For that reason, I’m stoked for a Saw 8 because it can only be better than the last one (I would hope!).


  42. lol

    my first movie that i saw was (saw)… i just cant stop seeing it its part of my body i just cant stop watching saw

  43. I have all the saw movies I think they are the best franchise ever I want that saw 8 in my collection hell yeah!!

  44. Amanda Jane McGuire-Jones

    Please do make another saw movie – all us saw fans wouldn’t mind playing another saw game – for old times sake. The fan base is still very very strong!

  45. Amanda Jane McGuire-Jones

    I wanna play a game – oh there is plenty more they could do with saw. So yes I hope and pray saw will return – yes please bring back saw x

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