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May 21st, 2018

There’s Something Familiar About The New American Reunion Poster



A new poster has made its debut for the latest AMERICAN PIE sequel, AMERICAN REUNION. I cannot shake the feeling that I’ve seen this poster before- it might be because it is a recreation of the first film’s poster with some small tweaks. You can check out the poster below along with the first film’s poster to see the similarities for yourself.

AMERICAN REUNION brings the whole gang back together for what will likely be the final slice of pie which is exactly what the tagline suggests. The tagline reads “Save The Best Piece For Last,” let’s hope that that’s the case. I enjoy the AMERICAN PIE movies- the spinoffs, not as much- but whenever they bring this bunch back to the fold I can’t help but have a good time and I’m hoping they go out on a high note.

Via: /Film


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