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May 22nd, 2018

Chillerama Movie Review

Prudes need not apply when it comes to lining up to watch the latest anthology send up to cheesy drive in movies, CHILLERAMA. Not a single human orifice goes unspoiled by the end of the film and just about every bodily fluid or function is used to comedic and grotesque effect. CHILLERAMA is not meant to be taken seriously- it’s just a bunch of friends getting together to have a little bit of fun with a genre they love and on that alone this film is an absolute blast to watch.

Story is almost pointless here, but CHILLERAMA brings a crowd of movie watchers together to view a selection of rare and depraved cheesy exploitation movies before the drive in is closed for good. The patrons witness such horror/comedy shorts such as WADZILLA, I WAS A TEENAGE WEREBEAR and DIARY OF ANN FRANKENSTEIN. One is a monster movie about a giant sperm impregnating the Statue of Liberty, one is a musical about homosexual urges and one is a black and white period piece with Joel David Moore playing Hitler. Between each short the overarching drive in story is a take on zombies where the virus causes victims to inflict uncontrollable sexual debauchery- all of them are hilarious and tons of fun.

I can’t say that I liked any one more than another but I believe my least favorite of the shorts was I WAS A TEENAGE WEREBEAR. That specific short wasn’t terrible it was just as funny as the others but just not as appealing and one that I would be more apt to skip upon rewatching the film. The other three tie for the amount of comedy but WADZILLA and ZOM-B MOVIE are full of gross out sight gags and sexually explicit humor. DIARY OF ANN FRANKENSTIEN is easily the least offensive when it comes to gross outs but then again there’s tons of Jewish jokes and shots at the whole Ann Frank story.

If anyone sits down and tries to take any segment seriously then you are missing the point completely. Each individual segment is intentionally bad and if you doubt that then you missed proof in each short. There are moments where people flub lines, where you can see dummies being thrown around and even a black stunt double for a white Nazi soldier. These shorts have little purpose outside of just having fun watching raunchy/politically incorrect jokes and violence on screen. The only thing that would make this movie better would be an elevated blood alcohol level and a group of rowdy friends.

There’s a laundry list of problems with each movie- anything ranging from terrible special effects, bad acting, lack of common sense or anything that resembles sense at all- the cheat is that it was all done on purpose. These are supposed to be bad movies and they are that is part of what makes it so much fun- there’s no need to plant yourself and engage on a deep level, it’s just plain old dumb fun.

Movie purists will be lining their fireplace this winter with copies of CHILLERAMA to burn to ash while people like me will get nothing but pure joy by popping this in and laughing with friends. This is a film best suited for the Halloween season, but it’s also a gift that keeps giving with jokes and gruesome effects that will make you recoil in disgust but laughing the very next second. If you want a movie to change your life your best advised to stay far away but if you’re a little intoxicated, or just enjoy a little depravity and have some time to waste CHILLERAMA should keep the good times rolling.


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