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June 21st, 2018

The Best Horror Movies of 2011

#4) Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Tucker & Dale is billed as Shaun of the Dead meets Texas Chainsaw massacre and frankly that description would not be far off. Admittedly its not as funny as Shaun of the Dead or as iconic as Texas Chainsaw Massacre but it is still one of the most entertaining, brutal and funny horror films of the last ten years. A group of college kids go into the woods and run into the cliche backwoods murderous hillbillies. The catch is are those hillbillies really killers?

Tucker & Dale vs Evil thinks outside of the box and brings a fresh new take to the hillbilly killers genre and does it with great form. Tucker & Dale vs Evil is a must buy for fans of horror!

#3) StakeLand

Stakeland is one of the greatest vampire movies ever made and I sum it up as the Walking Dead of vampire movies. It mixes the social commentary of George Romero with the pace and brutality of The Walking Dead. It has split horror fans because its slow pace will either draw you in and mesmerize you as it did with me or bore you to tears.

The pace is very slow but the story is powerful and stark and sucked me into it.  StakeLand tries to set everything right that Twilight has so effectively undone when it comes to Vampires. Vampires dont sparkle, they dont cherish you and they dont want to save you. They stalk you, they terrorize you and they tear your flesh from bone. StakeLand is in a word… shocking and powerful! Danielle Harris stars and delivers one of her best performances to date.

#2) Attack the Block

I saw Attack the Block in theaters which is impressive when you consider how limited its release is. Attack the Block is a polarizing movie and it seems you either love it or you hate it but I for one absolutely loved it. Attack the Block reminds me of the classic 90’s buddy horror films like The Lost Boys, Goonies and The People Under The Stairs where a band of every day teens has to unite to fight a great evil.

Attack the Block adds a new spin to this concept by making the teens the anti-hero. In Attack the Block aliens invade the block and its not the jocks or the nerds to the rescue its the street punks, thieves and local tough guys who have to unite to save the block they normally terrorize. This movie is a complete blast!


  1. Anita

    Horror is one of my top genres too.  Probably saw more horror flicks than any other type this year.  Really loved Super 8 and Final Destination 5.  Thanks for the article.  Happy New Year!

  2. Kat

    I haven’t seen like any of these other then Super 8 and Scream 4. Super 8 I don’t really consider a horror movie. But I liked it, it was like an Alien version of The Goonies…well it sorta felt that way to me

  3. William D. Prystauk

    Great list and input. I must admit I had some major issues with your number one pick, but I truly understand your sentiment. Better still, thanks for giving me ideas for my queue. Be well and write on.

  4. el wafo

    super 8 not is a horror movie scream 4 i dont wachet and final destination 5 is probability bet i don like horror movies i like animation,family, and action movies he his suck

  5. Beeker81

    since every site I come across has at least one person who doesn’t know what a horror even means. I am posting the definition…all of these movies ARE in fact classified as horror.
    hor·ror  (hôrr, hr-)n.1. An intense, painful feeling of repugnance and fear. See Synonyms at fear.
    2. Intense dislike; abhorrence.
    3. A cause of horror.
    4. Informal Something unpleasant, ugly, or disagreeable: That hat is a horror.
    5. horrors Informal Intense nervous depression or anxiety. Often used with the

  6. Giovanni


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