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May 26th, 2018

The Best Horror Movies of 2011

#7) The Woman

I have been wanting to see Lucky McGee’s The Woman for a very long time and thanks to BountyFilms I was finally able to stream it online in HD. Jack Ketchum is one of my favorite writers and this film much like the others based on his work is a well polished master piece.

Unlike Stephen King who’s movies are at best hit and miss every single film adaptation of a Jack Ketchum book that I have seen is top notch material. All of them could very easily make a Top 10 Horror Movie list and The Woman is no different. It is a brutal and poignant look at the destruction of a family, relationships and the evil that  a plain face can hide.

#6) Troll Hunter

I as a rule am not a fan of the now over done found footage genre. I am to this day a huge fan of the Blair Witch Project but otherwise I have found very few films that have captured that same magic. Troll Hunter is however that movie.

When I first heard the concept I was pretty shocked. How do you effectively do a found footage movie about a troll hunter? Can you get viewers to suspend belief and pull them into a movie about a troll hunter? The answer is yes. Troll Hunter is not only one of the best found footage horror movies ever made its also one of the best horror films of 2011 without a shadow of doubt

#5) Wrecked

Wrecked seems to have gotten very little love from film fans and I am quite dissapointed by that. I found this thriller starring Adrien Brody to be a powerful tale of corruption, survival and unravelling the truth. Its the quintesential who dun it with a very small cast, a powerful story and is in my view one of the few great thrillers since Adam Green’s Spiral. If you like a good thriller and can tolerate a slower pace Wrecked is the movie for you.


  1. Anita

    Horror is one of my top genres too.  Probably saw more horror flicks than any other type this year.  Really loved Super 8 and Final Destination 5.  Thanks for the article.  Happy New Year!

  2. Kat

    I haven’t seen like any of these other then Super 8 and Scream 4. Super 8 I don’t really consider a horror movie. But I liked it, it was like an Alien version of The Goonies…well it sorta felt that way to me

  3. William D. Prystauk

    Great list and input. I must admit I had some major issues with your number one pick, but I truly understand your sentiment. Better still, thanks for giving me ideas for my queue. Be well and write on.

  4. el wafo

    super 8 not is a horror movie scream 4 i dont wachet and final destination 5 is probability bet i don like horror movies i like animation,family, and action movies he his suck

  5. Beeker81

    since every site I come across has at least one person who doesn’t know what a horror even means. I am posting the definition…all of these movies ARE in fact classified as horror.
    hor·ror  (hôrr, hr-)n.1. An intense, painful feeling of repugnance and fear. See Synonyms at fear.
    2. Intense dislike; abhorrence.
    3. A cause of horror.
    4. Informal Something unpleasant, ugly, or disagreeable: That hat is a horror.
    5. horrors Informal Intense nervous depression or anxiety. Often used with the

  6. Giovanni


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