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May 25th, 2018

Let The Games Begin, The Full Trailer For The Hunger Games

Today the first full trailer for THE HUNGER GAMES has hit the web. The film stars Jennifer Lawrence as main character, Katniss, from the popular book series. The new trailer clocks in over two minutes to the teaser brisk under one minute shots of forest and quick glimpses of Katniss running and firing her bow. You can check out the high def trailer over at Apple.

Now that it’s out, let me say- I LOVE this trailer. The trailer covers so much of the major points from the book without making it seem like you’ve seen the whole movie- it gives you glimpses of all the major characters like Gale, Cinna and Haymitch- and even small glimpses of the looming threat that is the games themselves and the tributes they will be facing off against. The thing I was most impressed with is Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss- she seems to have nailed exactly what I was expecting when I read the book. Also, the countdown at the end leading up to when all the tributes sprint down the open field to get their weapons was perfectly tense. I cannot wait to see how this all pans out and I’m hoping this doesn’t end up being yet another trailer that just lies and the movie ends up being a major disappointment- as it is, I love this trailer, it was put together very well, the music was great and the footage was cut almost perfectly by teasing without giving away too much and it services fans of the books while those that still aren’t familiar with the series still won’t know the significance of some of the footage.

THE HUNGER GAMES follows the young Katniss Everdeen who is thrust into an annual fight to the death between members of a war ravaged future where the majority of citizens battle hunger on a daily basis. The country of Panem, is ruled by a harsh Capital run by a sadistic ruler named President Snow who forces each District in the country to put forth 2 participants called tributes into the annual Hunger Games where the collection must fight to the death in order to bring fame and fortune back to their family. THE HUNGER GAMES hits theaters March 23, 2012.

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