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May 20th, 2018

The Dark Knight Rises – A Closer Look

What the heck is going to happen!

Will we see Bane’s backstory? – Chances are yes and no. I doubt we will see a fully fleshed out origin story of Bane as it would be a 6 hour movie if that were to happen. However, there will probably be some talk to his past and maybe even some images of how he got to be so hellishly strong -much like The Joker in The Dark Knight where we were not given the story of his origin, rather varying accounts of how he got “these scars” which made him even more mysterious.

Will Robin be in the movie? – Nolan was asked this a few times before, and he has stated each time that he doesn’t believe Robin fits well into his universe as he is telling the story of the earliest days of Batman. With that said, I don’t think Robin will be in the movie, but like I said before I do believe Dick Grayson (who eventually becomes Robin) will be.

I can see it now:

A few years after his fight with Bane, Bruce Wayne is finishing his rehabilitation of the damage he endured. Alfred helps him out of the wheelchair one last time.

“If you don’t mind me saying sir, judging by your current state you could use a little help in your extra-curricular activities, if you do, in fact, plan on donning the suit again.”
Bruce chuckles, “You of all people, Alfred, should know I don’t work well with others. Hell, you can barely stand me.”
Alfred replies, “True sir, but nevertheless…”
Bruce laughs, starts putting on a buttoned shirt and says jockingly, “I’ll tell Lucious to post an ad online, see what we can find.”
“No need sir,” Alfred hands Bruce a copy of The Gotham Times, “I’ve found your man.”
Bruce grabs the paper, “What’s this?”
“Remember Dick Grayson, from the news?”
“The circus boy who’s family was murdered?”
“Yes sir, quite the acrobat. It seems he is being placed into foster care as he has no available relatives.”
Bruce puts the paper on the bed, “You’re not tired of me already, Alfred, are you? You know this is only the beginning.”
“That’s what I’m afraid of, sir. Doesn’t matter to me either way, I just want to make sure I have a paycheck coming my way in the next couple of years.”
Bruce adjusts his tie in the mirror, “Funny. How old’s the boy?”
“Sixteen, sir.”
“Tell Lucious to look into it.”
Alfred turns and heads toward the door, “I’ll inform immediately.”
“Alfred, I haven’t agreed to anything yet.” Bruce reassures his butler. “We’re just looking into it.”
Alfred stops at the door, “Yes sir. By the way, should I inform the Commissioner that you’re going to be late to the banquet?”
“No. I’m sure he expects I’ll be late.”
“Ah, indeed sir.”
Bruce finishes fixing his tie. “Thanks, Alfred. I’m not sure what I’d do without you.”
“Don’t you worry about it. And I’d expect we both know where you’d be without me, sir.
” That’s true.”
“And Master Bruce…”
“Yes, Alfred?”
“In case there was any confusion before, the answer is yes.”
“I am growing rather tired of you. Saving your life and all that mess.” Alfred says sarcastically. “I fear it may be causing these wrinkles to form underneath my eyes. We both know how important it is to keep my appearance in tip-top form.”
“You’ve never looked better, Alfred.” Bruce looks out the window, to the sky. “Now ready the tumbler for me, it appears I’ve got an appointment.”

Let’s be honest, Ii’ll probably happen nothing like that if were to even happen at all.

Will there be a Cat/Bat relationship? –  There’s got to be, right? You can’t have Catwoman and not have some sort of sexual tension. It’s easy to assume there will be some kind of relationship going on.

Is Batman going to die? – The chances are slim given that the movie is called The Dark Knight Rises. It is a possibility though. Nolan has said many times that this is the last film in the franchise, saying that he has found a perfect way to end his story of Batman. Sounds pretty scary. There’s no doubt that Batman will most-likely fall again, much like in The Dark Knight, and maybe even harder than before. But he probably won’t die, at least I hope not.

And finally…

Will Bane break the Batman? – This is what everyone wants to know. Fans feel like it has got to happen. Somehow, someway, Bane will break Batman’s back, staying true to the moment from the Knightfall story arc that made him famous amongst Batman fans. Whether it happens or not, the quick glimpse we see of Batman staggering back from Bane, hardly able to stand, in the teaser-trailer is proof that Bane will be unlike any villain we’ve seen so far. And we’re excited.

With all of this said, we don’t have the script of The Dark Knight Rises in front of us so we have no idea what will actually happen, and this is all just speculation. All we know is that we can’t wait for it to come out and see just how wrong I am.



  1. Adam

    Dude… Liam Neeson was always Ra’s in the first movie. He told Bruce the other man was Ra’s in order to observe and befriend him without Bruce knowing he was the head honcho. I gather it was to size him up and figure out if he was right for the task ahead. It makes sense that it would be a title passed on, making the man essentially ‘immortal’ but that’s not what was implied in Batman Begins. It was implied that Ra’s deceived Bruce.

    • Ray

      We don’t really know for sure if Liam Neeson’s character was Ra’s the entire time or if he was the successor. The hint at both of these near the end of the film. IMDb lists Ken Watanabe as Ra’s and it is pretty clear that he is the leader of the clan early on in Batman Begins. Anyways, I simply chose to go with what I thought was the most believable choice.

      Bruce Wayne: You’re not Ra’s al Ghul. I watched him die.
      Henri Ducard: [from behind Bruce Wayne] But is Ra’s al Ghul immortal?
      [Bruce turns around to face Ducard]
      Henri Ducard: Are his methods supernatural?
      Bruce Wayne: Or cheap parlor tricks to conceal your true identity, “Ra’s”?
      Henri Ducard: Surely, a man who spends his nights scrambling over the rooftops of Gotham wouldn’t begrudge me dual identities?
      Bruce Wayne: I saved your life.
      Henri Ducard: I warned you about compassion, Bruce.

  2. Johnny G.

    cool review, thanks :)

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