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June 25th, 2018

Watch 6 Walking Dead Season 2 Webisodes!

Earlier in the week Luke shared with you all a fantastic new trailer for Walking Dead Season 2 which was in one word outstanding. Today I see his epic news item and I raise it with 6 fantastic new webisodes for Walking Dead Season 2. These are not ‘animated’ webisodes but full on mini episodes directed by Greg Nicotero. This 6 part Walking Dead Season 2 webisode looks at one of the zombies we saw in the first season ‘Bicycle Girl’ and explains her tragic story.

The webisodes are brutal, bloody and absolutely fantastic and are everything we have come to expect in the Walking Dead Mini Series. Watch all 6 below!  In this latest season of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” TV series, the survivors arrive at Hershel’s Farm, where we will meet Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson), a vet (as in a veterinarian); his daughter, Maggie (Lauren Cohan); and Otis (Pruitt Taylor Vince), the middle-aged ranch foreman who’s such a sweetheart that he all but loses it when he accidentally shoots a fellow survivor.

The new cast members join series regulars Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes, Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh, Laurie Holden as Andrea, Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale, Steven Yeun as Glenn, and Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes.”

Walking Dead Webisode 1 : A New Day

In episode one Hannah awakens to find her kids missing after a violent car accident.

Walking Dead Webisode 2: “Family Matters”

Hannah has an emotional reunion with her kids and seeks refuge in her ex-husband Andrew’s home. While tending to her wounds, Hannah and Andrew try to make sense of the chaotic new world that surrounds them.

Walking Dead Webisode 3: Domestic Violence

“Domestic Violence” Judy’s effort to save a stranger leads to a deadly encounter with Andrew.

Walking Dead Webisode 4:  “Neighborly Advice”

Andrew goes to his neighbor Palmer’s basement in search of guns and supplies. Once there, the two have a man to man conversation and finally come to an understanding with one another.

Walking Dead Webisode 5: “Step Mother”

Hannah and Judy struggle for control of the children.

Walking Dead Webisode 6: “Everything Dies”

The family makes a desperate attempt to get to safety amid a rapidly growing swarm of walkers.


  1. Greaaat! they should extend it and make a movie !

  2. Djfodor

    Much appreciated…good free entertainment. But I do believe the original bicycle girl from the pilot had some leg bones hanging from her torso…I could be wrong…

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