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April 19th, 2018

Video Game Movies: The Worst, the Best, and the Future

The Best

5 – Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within: While this movie technically had no ties to the video games except for the title, and even though it isn’t live-action, it still holds up incredibly well 10 years later. The only real complaint from movie goers was that it featured nothing from the game’s franchise. The problem with doing a Final Fantasy movie based off of the games is that each game tells a new story in a new world with completely new characters, with no real continuing story to follow, so this movie get’s a pass on that  front. Produced entirely in CG, there are times where the film fools you into thinking there are actual actors on the screen. It looks that good. Featuring a decent story with stunning visuals, this movie makes the top five.

4 – Mortal Kombat: You can argue that the greatest thing to come from this movie was that incredibly catchy techno song. And you’d be right. But this movie stayed true to its original story, no matter how crazy and ridiculous it was, and for that it gets a lot of credit. For a video game franchise that takes itself a little too seriously, they stuck to their guns and made a movie worthy of the games. This movie is accidentally entertaining, much like the DOA movie listed earlier – the only difference being that this movie was made in an era where some of the cheesiness was accepted and when the game was at its highest popularity. Here’s my theory: When Top Gun was released it was an action/drama, but watch it now and it’s (unintentionally) a comedy. The same goes for Mortal Kombat. It has stood the test of time for all the wrong reasons. Now, FINISH HIM!

3 – Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: It doesn’t help that every time I passed a billboard for this movie showing off Jake Gylenhaal and his thick, long flowing hair I laughed, but to its credit I enjoyed this movie and it did fairly well in the box-office. I’ve never played any of the games, but from what I’m told it stuck fairly close to the source material, and that’s the most important thing when adapting a video game into a full-length film. Prince of Persia was fun, full of action, and ultimately kept me entertained the entire time. The only real problem for me was that it ended about four times, much like the last Lord of the Rings movie. The movie’s success gives a little hope for future video game adaptations.

2 – Lara Croft: Tomb Raider/The Cradle of Life: Brad Pitt is a lucky man. Was there really anyone else who was going to play Lara Croft? Angelina Jolie was born for this role. It’s one of those character to actor pairings that doesn’t come along too often, like George Clooney in Up in the Air or Patrick Stewart as Professor X. Much like Prince of Persia above, these movies were very enjoyable, and due to the game’s overall premise of a female treasure hunter it had many directions it could go without having to stick to the game’s story scene by scene. Unlike other games on this list, the sole star of this franchise is Lara Croft herself and not the story – as far as the original few games go. This is nothing more than a good popcorn movie but that’s all it needed to be. Who wouldn’t want to see Angelina Jolie jump around in sexy outfits and shoot guns for two hours?

1 – Silent Hill: Silent Hill 1 and 2 are widely regarded as two top 10 horror games. This movie did a fantastic job of bringing the most frightening moments from those first two games to film. Pyramid Head anyone? Said to be a mixture of the first two games, this film shows what good direction can do to a video game adaptation. If only these guys got to work on the Resident Evil movie we would probably have a different #1 on our list. The misty town of Silent Hill was portrayed exceptionally well and the movie did a fantastic job of keeping that creepy and eerie feel that made the games so scary to begin with. The second that Pyramid Head ripped the skin off of that lady on the stairs the movie stopped being another video game movie and started being a legitimate horror movie.


Now that we have covered the best its time to look at Future of Video Game movies…


  1. Im Godspeed

    dude.. max payne dint make the list!! how come? hitman?

  2. Gamers exist in a different realm from people who watch films. A gamer will object to an entire film over some small detail invisible to non-gamers. Films based on games are no worse than most films consigned to the B movie category or Psychotronic movies. In fact they often much more to offer than traditional fare. All of these films here could be defended easily as well as any other game film you care to mention. Uwe Boll, so much criticised, made House of the Dead, which revitalised the Canadian film industry. His film Postal is a great comedy achievement miles better than Some Like It Hot. You don’t agree? Well, remember what Frankenfurter said, I didn’t make him for you.

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  4. Xelnikkax

    i dont find none of the resident evils to be that terrible..the only weak link in the four would be afterlife,n thats just some minor details.

    • Ray

      The reason the Resident Evil movies make the list is that they cut any ties from the original game, which make it an unsuccessful adaptation of the video game. The main character, Alice, isn’t even in any of the games. From a stand point of being decent action movies, they’ve done that.

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  6. Adam

    I would probably remove Resident Evil from this list and replace it with Max Payne. I know that R.E. is here for the near complete lack of any connection to the actual games but Max Payne was a true injustice to a decent game. The others I completely agree with. I love the D.O.A video games. Not only for the jiggle factor, but for the solid, balanced fighting they offer. I apparently missed the direct to DVD release of Dead Or Alive because I just discovered that it existed. I found it in the HBO section of I watched it there while I was trying to kill a little time working late at DISH. The only redeeming scene was the volleyball scene for obvious reasons. When it comes to Uwe, well, he is Uwe and I don’t thing a meteor could stop him from making bad movies, video game related or not.

  7. Jay

    resident evil rocks and it always will


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  9. Anonymous

    If nothing else, Dead or Alive was atleast an honest representation of the game series.  The games were about hot chicks fighting and vaguely lesbianic fan service. The movie was about hit chicks fighting and vaguely lesbianic fan service. I would not call it a bad movie, just a bland one.

  10. Hobo

    Dude FEAR!!!! would be epic and assassins creed 😀

  11. Vanstadengerhard

    Yeah where the hell was Assasins Creed?

  12. Videogamefan16

    Mass Effect anyone or even Halo?

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