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April 21st, 2018

Paranormal Activity: The Story So Far

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 opens in theaters this week with the CATFISH masterminds stepping behind the camera and adopting the story of a demon relentlessly haunting a pair of sisters. In response to the film coming to theaters I felt it was time to refresh minds on just what has transpired in the series so far in PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2. Spoilers will be littered throughout so if you have not seen either of the first two films stop here take a couple hours to catch up then feel free to come back…although at that time you will already have witnessed the timeline so….yeah.

As we all know the first PARANORMAL ACTIVITY featured the haunting of the young couple Micah and Katie. The film chronicled nights over the span of a few weeks as Micah purchased a high def camera to capture strange happenings overnight while he and Katie slept. The spoils began harmless enough with small things like keys being knocked off the counter and a door moving slightly before escalating as the film moved on because Micah does the boneheaded move of taunting the demon. Katie hired a paranormal investigator to diagnose their problem where they first learn what they have is a demon and Micah tempts fate even further by bringing a Ouija board into the mix.

The harmless spooky stuff takes a backseat to more troublesome acts including actual possession where Katie wakes and stands over Micah for hours at a time, Katie being drug from her bed and down the hall where she sustains a bite from the unknown entity. Things culminate on the final night when Katie wakes and ventures downstairs where she screams which wakes Micah in a panic and he runs down to the darkness for the rescue. The camera remains in the bedroom as we hear a struggle downstairs and the screaming stops and we hear heavy footsteps slowly making their way upstairs before stopping in the shadows and Micah’s lifeless body is hurled at the camera. Katie stands in the doorway bloodied as she walks to the body and kneels down to sniff him then looking at the camera and attacking it and the film goes to black. Text reads that Katie’s whereabouts are unknown before the credits roll.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 begins with a family of four one being a newborn baby and not including the four legged friend, their dog. The film starts as the family is introducing their newborn baby and then shortly after their house has been trashed but nothing at all has been stolen. The father takes initiative and sets up a series of security cameras to capture video of anything that happens at night or while they are gone. Things begin just as harmlessly as before until it becomes clear that this entity has its sights focused on the newborn baby, Hunter and doesn’t take too kindly to anyone being around him.

The family ignores the advice of their housekeeper and fires her, while even after the spooky happenings continue to escalate and not just at night but during the day as well. Early on we find out that this is not just a sequel to the first film but a prequel as the mother, Kristi, is Katie’s sister and in this film Micah is still alive. At this time Katie is not being haunted and Kristi is currently experiencing the haunting. Through some research Kristi’s step-daughter Ali finds that they may be being haunted as a result of some sort of deal to achieve wealth in which a demon would return and claim the first born son (something we can assume is happening but unproven).

The father brings back the housekeeper after Kristi is seemingly possessed and begins attacking them at will and she lays out a strategy that they can pass the curse to someone else but it has to be a blood relative. The father performs some ritual on his wife and passes the curse on via crucifix to none other than Kristi’s sister Katie. At this time we see the opening scene of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY where Micah reveals the camera purchase to Katie. Text appears on screen indicating the night that Micah was murdered and cut back to Kristi’s house where the father is chillin on the sofa with a bloodied Katie standing behind him where she quickly snaps his neck. Kristi is standing upstairs with Hunter as Katie ferociously walks towards her and punches her in the stomach sending her smashing into the wall dropping Hunter and presumably dead. Katie picks Hunter up and walks out of the room. The end features text saying Ali was out of town and that Katie and Hunter’s whereabouts are unknown.

Here we are one October later and the third film is upon us. I have purposely avoided many of the new trailers and TV spots so I can go in fresh to the new film but have seen the first “bloody Mary” teaser that insists this film will answer all our questions- just how did this all come about. The film features the sisters Katie and Kristi has kids and the thought is we will see the origins of the demon that plagues this family- is it witchcraft, a deal with the devil for wealth or some kind of dark cult stuff, we will find out October 21st.

We saw as the second film ended with the mixture of story between the first two films and one would expect the same to happen here, will we see the fate of Hunter and Katie or will we see some other detail woven into the mythology? Who knows? I loved the first film and I did really like the second film although it failed to deliver a lot of the big scares I wanted because it seemed to double the formula of almost nothing even longer and the payoffs weren’t quite as heavy. I am looking forward to this nonetheless and I’d venture so far as to say I’m pretty stoked for it. Stay tuned for a review hopefully soon!

What do you think of the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise? Are you looking forward to the third film?



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