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June 20th, 2018

Paranormal Activity 3 Box Office Numbers

Paranormal Activity is back in the box office and once again its hitting cinematic gold! It is not clear just yet what the final weekend box office results will be but one thing is for certain its going to be  a very profitable film.

Deadline is reporting the film will bring in $55million at the box office in its first weekend according to ‘box office rivals’ and the always trusty BoxOfficeMojo reports the film has brought in just under $30million so far with one more days results still to be added.

Combined the three Paranormal Activity films have brought in $218,906,717 million dollars at the box office. There are plenty of films with more impressive box office numbers but very few have the return on investment Paranormal Activity does. The three Paranormal Activity films combined have cost the studio around $9million to make meaning a return of investment of 24times the original investment.

That my friends can be summed up as cha-ching. Without a doubt the already planned Paranromal Activity 4 and 5 will go ahead quickly!  Tell us what you thought of the third film in the franchise below and if you have not already be sure to read Luke’s Paranormal Activity 3 Review



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