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June 19th, 2018

Episode 1 Review, Walking Dead Season 2

The Walkers are back in Season 2 of The Walking Dead and last night was its debut on AMC. For those of us who do not get AMC we still got to partake thanks to streaming services like Itunes and in my case the ZUNE service on Xbox. Season 2 is highly anticipated by many including myself and sees the mini-series expanded from 6 episodes to 13 which means that we will get even more drama, terror and ‘walker’ excitement this Halloween.

In the opener of Walking Dead Season 2 titled ‘What Lies Ahead’ we meet up with Rick Grimes, his wife Laurie his son and the rest of the survivors including Rick’s fellow police officer and best friend Shane. The survivors find themselves heading down a highway littered with the dead and abandoned cars as they attempt to find their way to safety after escaping the CDC at the end of Season 1 of The Walking Dead. They carry with them the baggage of nearly dieing in the first episode as well as the ill timed romance between Shane and Rick’s wife. Daryl on the other hand seems to have turned over a new leaf and has gone from outside to valued contributor showing that things are looking to really shake up in Season 2.

The title for Episode 1 was well chosen since the emphasis on the first episode is very much on laying the ground work for what’s to come in the second season. We are not introduced to any new characters or key areas but we do start to see a lot more of the inner turmoil that was brewing at the end of season 1. Key members of the survivors are now questioning Rick’s leadership and asking if they would be better off without him. Adding to the troubles one of the key characters is shot and seriously injured and another is lost in a Walker infested forest with no hope in sight. What Lie’s Ahead is a great question one thing is certain and that is that nothing is certain. Trouble lays ahead for Rick and his family and his rag tag group of survivors and survival may or may not include them working together.

Once again the show focuses heavily on the human element but thanks to some seriously over the top violence also offers enough gore to keep the diehard zombie fans entranced. If there is one thing I have always said it is that gore for the sake of gore in movies or television is pointless. AMC’s Walking Dead Season 2 definitely amps up the gore and the violence in the second season but it is all done within context so although at times it is very gruesome it is justified and within the profile of the story. All of which is why The Walking Dead is one of the best shows on television.

I for one really enjoyed Walking Dead Season 2’s premiere episode and although at times it felt a bit slow I can only wait with anticipation to see what Episode 2 brings which I am very confident includes Hershells farm.


  1. CoolB

    I’m really surprised how many reviewers are praising this episode. I thought it was the weakest episode I have seen of TWD and that’s sad considering it was the season premier. Maybe I’m hard to impress but after incredible premiers this season like Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy this paled in comparision.
    Also, how many times in one episode must I ask where are the children now? or for post dissapearance, where is Carl now? Why is he alone? Or why are they spending so much time inside a church praying when there is a missing child? Or why isn’t Dale looking behind the RV. Or how did 100 or so zombies sneak up on them? Way too many why’s.
    I haven’t given up on the show and no matter how bad it may get I’m in for the duration but my wife on the other hand may be done considering she must have said this is stupid 150 times last night.

  2. Wesley

    I agree, this episode was weak and disappointing, they are breaking so far away from the comic’s original story that I felt that I was reliving a Stephen King novel “The girl who loved Tom Gordon” about a little girl who got lost in the woods, not able to find her way out.

    SERIOUSLY… Is this the best they could come up with??? “most anticipated series for 2011” my ass, I wouldnt be surprized if they skip the chapter where all of them find shelter in the prison after the farm disaster. Seeing that the writers just scribble down any crap that comes to mind and drag it for 30 minutes + max, just to kill time until the next episode.

    Leaving us the viewers going… WTF, I watched a whole hour hoping for some progress just to get 15 minutes of action and 45 minutes of filler.

  3. Arialuna70

    This has to be the stupidest episode yet. I am so disappointed. So many WHY’s! Why are children left running around freely when zombies are loose. Why isn’t everyone carrying a gun at all times? Why didn’t they see the zombies coming for them when they had just drove down the freeway in the same direction? Why when hiding underneath the cars you do not wait a few additional minutes to ensure all of the zombies have passed?This show was absolutely absurd and insults ones intelligence. If the writes can’t do better than this I am done.

  4. Bashn

    This second season starts very badly… It’s true that all of the actions and decisions taken in the show are stupid, unrealistic, unsafe, and the walkers are no more scary !!! The make up is still good, but they use the gore aspect in a wrong way, trying to keep the “hardcore zombies fans” on their side, but it’s vulgar and not respectful. Hear me, it’s a real challenge to scare people, to create a tension, and here we are prepared to see zombies like we would see… dogs for example ! There is no thoughts about death, mankind, and the “no futur” situation, and when there is, it’s badly written or performed. the prayer scenes in the church are dull and anoying, and the opening ! Man, it’s not a tape-recorder, it’s a god dam walkie-talkie ! stop making big monolgues, they are bad, just deliver your position, your situation and that’s it ! I’m bored… The pilot was pretty good, the rest kept going down, and down…and down… 

  5. Alfredzur

    I was very disappointed.  It’s “character driven” apparently, which is studio spin for talky.  Three awful things stand out: the too long monlogue at the beginning, the too long monologue talking to the crucifix and that Asian guy who thinks acting is all about making faces.  Do they really think we watch for the “drama”?  Give us more crawling dead. 

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