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May 22nd, 2018

Dexter Season 6, Episode 1 Watch it Free!

I do not watch alot of television but there are certain shows I am a diehard for. Dexter is one of them! Below you can checkout the first episode of Season 6 of DEXTER for absolutely free. For me there is no better price then free and when you add the word Dexter after free all I can say is ooohhhh yeahhhh!

In the Season 6 premiere, Dexter Morgan attends his 20th high school reunion to hunt a former Prom King; Homicide’s investigation into a gruesome, faith-based murder causes Dexter to ask some spiritual questions and consider his son’s legacy; solid in her relationship with Quinn and her role as detective, Debra becomes an unexpected hero.

The video will not play in all regions due to limitations by Showtime but most of you should be able to watch it just fine!

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  1. Huntriz1

    I tried to watch the tv/show movie called Dexter.  It stopped play 20 mintues later.  I can not get it to play.  I don’t have this problem with other movies.

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