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May 20th, 2018

2012 Viscera Film Festival

I am friends with two people involved in the Viscera Film Festival which is the only reason I am mentioning it on the site. Frankly I do not understand it and as a guy I feel like I am on the outside looking in.

The general gist seems to be that horror is sexist and we need a festival that promotes female directors/producers/what evers. Frankly I have no idea if this is true and good on them for doing a show focused on the ladies. My personal view is good horror is good horror and I do not give a crap who made it…. this is not 1958.

That said the poster for the festival is fantastic. Check it out below and to find out more on the festival head here


  1. Maven

    Thanks, love, for posting about the festival.  I really do appreciate the support but I’m afraid you might be misunderstanding our goals.  We aren’t saying that horror is flat-out sexist, the film industry in general is simply off-center with a vast majority of director and producers being male.  We aren’t attempting to keep men out of the loop by any means.  Viscera simply wishes to encourage women filmmakers to get their stuff out there and sometimes it can be difficult for them.  I love that you don’t see the difference (because you’re awesome that way) but many do.  I hope your readers will take the time to read about Viscera on our site.  Shannon explains it all fairly well I think.  Hopefully that will make everything clear.  😀

  2. Jo

    Full agreement, Maven. Viscera applauds men (we love them!!) and asks for your help.  It can be difficult for independent filmmakers of either gender, but women do have an uphill battle because what is freaky horrifying to women may be a little different for men, and vice versa. What you see in the box office can be generally scary or thrilling to both genders. However, I have enjoyed seeing the films made by these women as they touch on subjects forbidden by the mainstream media. And touch us deep in our psyche. I am still seeing flashes of these films a year later. That is not so common for me, unless the film is particularly evocative of an emotion. But, seeing films on rape, incest, anorexia, murder or loss of children, and sexual disorders–films by women and how they think of these things– hit me in the gut–in the viscera. And some of the artwork–my god, fantastic. These are incredible artists and deserve our attention.

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