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May 21st, 2018

10 Netflix Instant Viewing Hidden Gems

5 – The Joneses: This movie never saw too many theater screens and I never saw any advertising for it, which is surprising with a cast featuring David Duchovny, Demi Moore and Amber Heard. The idea is a pretty cool one: They’re a “family” new to town with good looks, nice cars and an amazing estate. The kicker? It’s all free. Their job is to increase sales among different products using one of the four factors of impulse – Jones Effect. Seems cool, right? Well it all comes crashing down. David Duchovny is always cool and the 80 year-old Demi Moore is still hot. If you’ve ever worked in sales you’ll especially enjoy this one.

6 – Carriers: This movie has a pretty impressive cast for never really seeing a decent theater screen, featuring Chris Pine, Piper Perabo and Emily VanCamp. It takes place in a time that’s been ravaged with a deadly virus for which there is no cure. It’s a story of two brothers (Chris Pine and Lou Taylor Pucci) and their girlfriends (Piper Perabo and Emily VanCamp) who are traveling in hopes of finding a plague-free haven. Stuff happens, strangers are met, and decisions are made. The movie is not so much about the virus, but more about the relationship between two brothers and being faced with choices that challenge your belief of what’s right and wrong.

7 – TiMER: This is one for your girlfriend. The movies asks us one question: If it were possible to know the exact moment in time you would meet your soul-mate, would you want to? In this movie the technology exists where an implant that goes into your wrist counts down to the minute that you will meet your soul-mate, so long as your soul-mate has the implant as well. Oona (Emma Caulfield) is nearly 30 though and her timer has yet to start ticking. TiMER a fresh idea as far as romantic-comedies go and it’s something that even guys will enjoy.



  1. Jtsdad67

    Hard to believe they filmed Monsters so quickly when the characters journey seems so long and arduous. I really liked this movie and that girl was simply beautiful. I read on wikipedia that the main characters married each other soon after filming. That explains the realistic chemistry between the two.

  2. Nice article. I did an interpretation of it and from your article I watched Monsters and TiMER. 

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