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December 12th, 2018

10 Netflix Instant Viewing Hidden Gems

Netflix Instant Viewing is awesome. But with that said, seeing the same movie recommendations fill up your screen can get a little fatiguing. I mean, how many times can you see movies like Transmorphers and Robocop 2 on your homepage before you start eyeing your local Redbox?

So in absolutely no order at all, this is a list of 10 movies on Netflix you never would have seen otherwise.

1 – Ondine: This movie is a true “gem” of the Netflix Instant selection. The movie starts off with an Irish Fisherman (Colin Farrell) catching a beautiful woman (Alicja Bachleda) in his fishing net. His daughter believes the mysterious woman is a sea nymph, and as the movie progresses so do you. Alicja Bachleda is stunningly beautiful and Colin Farrell’s performance again proves that he’s a top notch actor when he wants to be. This movie takes you on a journey and leaves you with a bitter reality, but it ultimately rewards you in the end. Prepare to fall in love with this small UK film as it’s original and even magical.

2 – Monsters: To truly appreciate this movie you need to know that it was written, shot, and directed by one man (Gareth Edwards), it features a cast of two and it was shot in three weeks. The movie starts off 6-years after a satellite crashed down in the Mexican-US border with extra-terrestrial life attached to it. A photogrpher (Scoot McNairy) takes on an assignment to escort his boss’ daughter (Whitney Able) through the area that is now being called the infected-zone. The “monsters” are dangerous, mysterious, and very real. Due to the small budget of the film you don’t get to see the monsters too often, but it works well for the movie because there’s always the feeling that they are there, and close-by. And when you do see the monsters it feels like a reward, and each sighting never disappoints. It has a tense, climactic ending that leaves you wanting to share this movie with all of your friends.

3 – Trollhunter: Given that this movie has received quite a bit a praise and it’s not really a “hidden gem” to a lot of readers, it’s fair to say that most people you know have never heard of this movie – and that’s why it makes the list. This is just a fun movie. The story follows three students trying to get an interview with a man they believe is a bear poacher. As it turns out he’s hunting trolls and agrees to let them follow him on his hunts, even though they believe he’s whacked out. Trolls are real, people, and holy crap are they fun. The movie doesn’t take itself to seriously but does offer some insight into trolls that actually makes the movie somewhat believable.

4 – The Nines: Ryan Reynolds is considered one of Hollywood’s top stars and I have no idea why. He hasn’t been the lead in any box-office hit, he’s actually been a few box-office flops. We all love him though, and it’s because of smaller movies like WaitingChaos Theory and Adventureland we do. The Nines is one of those movies. It steps out of the Hollywood formula and gives us an original idea that succeeds to be entertaining without a large budget and explosive CG. The movie combines three intertwining stories that creatively converge in unexpected ways with Ryan Reynolds playing a different lead character in all three. It’s a tough movie to describe, except that it’s an experimental movie that works. It’s not great, but it’s a pretty cool movie and a must-watch for Ryan Reynolds fans.



  1. Jtsdad67

    Hard to believe they filmed Monsters so quickly when the characters journey seems so long and arduous. I really liked this movie and that girl was simply beautiful. I read on wikipedia that the main characters married each other soon after filming. That explains the realistic chemistry between the two.

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