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June 20th, 2018

10 Halloween Costume Ideas For 2011

Halloween is eerily close and if you like me wait till last minute to make plans for Halloween parties or just staying home to pass out candy then you also do not have a costume prepared. For those of us that thrive on last minute decisions the following list are ideas from recent movies to dress up as when you go out boozin or just to impress the trick or treaters when they ring the doorbell.

The Driver (Drive) – This costume sort of double dips because even if you haven’t seen DRIVE you can just say well I’m Ryan Gosling, however, the scorpion jacket might throw more than a few people off. Please try to refrain from random acts of violence and pulling off getaway drives if you get lost in playing this character, there’s no happy ending likely to come out of it.

Alien-gorilla-wolf-motherf*cker (Attack The Block) – Haven’t seen ATTACK THE BLOCK yet? What are you waiting for it’s currently available on DVD and Blu-Ray. If someone can replicate the stark black alien with glowing teeth costume they would automatically win any costume contest I was judging, unless of course the competition was a hot girl dressed as a nudist or should I say undressed. In my head though I’d be commending you on a job well done for the badass alien costume.

Kidnapping Ape (30 Minutes Or Less) – If you’re feeling lazy, like I usually do then you can always just run to the nearest costume store and pick up these simple masks that I’ve seen almost everywhere. You won’t win any points for originality but if you go the extra mile and have someone next to you with a FAKE bomb strapped to your chest I will give you kudos- and enjoy reading about it in the news on November 1st.

Captain America/Thor – I’m sure these will be popular amongst the kids this year with the release of their respective movies- that and the wave of Optimus Prime costumes. However, you might be able to woo a few of the ladies by dressing up as these costumed heroes…don’t be surprised if they are mistakenly calling you Chris on both accounts though.

Bridesmaid (Bridesmaids) – Can’t make a list of costumes without a suggestion for the ladies (or certain dudes that might be into this). I’m sure most ladies have a dress they were forced to wear to a friend’s wedding or a prom or anything that might require such an outfit, if not then get a hold of a cheap one, get some pink spray-paint and you’re good to go….brides you know you needed to reason to break out your dress again and what’s scarier to dudes than marriage- am I right?

Demented Ballerina (Black Swan) – Another for the ladies- you can let your imagination take over on this one but what better way to say “I’m crazy” than to dress in a tutu and glue black feathers all over your body. Also if you decide to bring in your beat girlfriend on this the Halloween after party should be a lot of fun.

Kevin James (Zookeper/The Dilemma) – Here’s an easy one for the husky fellas. Bonus, if you work for a zoo then it’s even easier. I find James to be pretty funny on King of Queens but his movie career is far from inspiring if not downright scary. Plus, there’s a fantasy element to this costume too, it gives you the allusion that despite being unfunny in movies you will always be cast with a significant other that is way out of your league.

Tranny (The Hangover Part II) – Here’s an idea for both them men and women and inappropriate to boot. Most joke stores are likely to have fake boobs for the guys to pull this off and ladies- well you may have to browse shelves at less than reputable places to find a prosthetic part of the male anatomy to complete the ensemble. This idea counteracts the number of people dressing as other members of THE HANGOVER entourage and anyone dressed as Stu might either be strangely attracted to you or try to avoid you like the plague- either way your costume will get some attention.

Red Skull (Captain America: The First Avenger) – The good news here is that even if people don’t know who Red Skull is, the actual makeup for this can double as a man with his skin peeled off his body. Once you bust out your incredibly fake German accent and start talking about genocide I think people will get there’s a deeper point to the costume and they’ll either ask who you are or assume you’re a skinless Hitler.

Old Woman/Darth Maul Demon (Insidious) – Here’s another idea you may end up having to explain to people. INSIDIOUS may have been one of the more successful horror releases this year but I still think people will not immediately understand what costume you’re trying to pull off. If I saw someone at the bar dressed as the old woman ghost I would put in a request to leave that bar that’s for sure. Also, it is your duty to sneak into every single picture someone takes that night- if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll understand. The problem with dressing as the demon is people will probably mistake you for the badass Sith from STAR WARS, which is not a bad thing in and of itself- he was the best part of THE PHANTOM MENACE.


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