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May 25th, 2018

The Netlix Saga Continues


Just starting to accept and adapt to the recent Netflix changes? Well don’t get too comfy because the ride isn’t quite over yet as it has been announced that not only have the streaming and DVD by mail services been split into different services- but they are now two different companies.

The streaming half of the Netflix service will remain as is but the DVD service is being renamed Qwikster. The name was chosen to reflect the image of fast delivery and will be adding video games go its repertoire. As for the price changes, well those are still in effect but will remain as previously announced….for now.

In more news CEO Reed Hasting has posted a blog apologizing to members and opening up about the way things have gone down recently. You can check out that blog post right HERE.

I have fallen in love with the Netflix service since becomming a member, but I can’t say that any of these changes have set me at ease regarding the people running the show. I have yet to change or drop the streaming or DVD by mail services, but I won’t lie and say I haven’t considered it. I am ok with the price changes at this point but the recent developments have done nothing but confuse and to be hobest, irritate me if for no other reason that the new changes feel completely unnecessary. Also, for some reason I also feel like this won’t be the last of the Netflix shake up news and drama as the service rapidly loses subscribers.

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Via: Reed Hasting

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  1. Kathleen Mensah

    Netflix in the U.S. shows the TV series “24” and Canada does not.  Will we get in Canada soon?

    Also a TV series called “Detroit 1-8-7 is on in the U.S.,  but not in Canada.  Could you please get these programs for Canadians.  Thank you  Great service!!!!!!!

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