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May 25th, 2018

Ghostbusters Heading Back To Theaters

Getting tired of spinning your old GHOSTBUSTERS DVD or Blu-Ray? Are you haunted by strange ghouls in the middle of the night? Having nightmares about the possibility of GHOSTBUSERS 3? Good news then- the original GHOSTBUSTERS is getting set to make its way back to theaters this October.

Given all the hype and news over the possible third installment I would not be shocked if this is just some ploy in order to put the brand back into the mass public eye. Obviously bombarding the newswaves with all kinds of rumors and ideas isn’t quite enough.

I love GHOSTBUSTERS- but i can’t say that I need this sequel although I wouldn’t complain…unless it sucks of course.

Per the GHOSTBUSTERS Facebook page: “Alright, Ghostbusters fans. It’s time to get your cats and dogs together and prepare for mass hysteria: This October, for the first time in over 25 years, the original and unforgettable Ghostbusters makes its triumphant return to theaters! “

Will you be attending the re-release of GHOSTBUSTERS?


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