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May 25th, 2018

Cheesy Grindhouse Trailer For Chillerama

Below you can check out the new trailer for the anthology film CHILLERAMA which features 4 short films from directors Joe Lynch, Adam Green, Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan. The four segments are entitled THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN, ZOM-B-MOVIE, WADZILLA and I WAS A TEENAGE WEARBEAR.

The trailer is incredibly grindhouse-esque and looks like a whole lot of cheesy fun. The special effects look bad, acting looks bad, but it looks crazy violent and funny which is all part of the fun and the point of the film. The film will hit DVD this November in time for all the Halloween get togethers, so grab some friends and enjoy a good bit of cheesy fun with CHILLERAMA.

What do you think of the trailer for CHILLERAMA?

Via: FEARnet


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