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October 23rd, 2018

Apollo 18 Movie Review

Apollo 18 asks the question why did man never go back to the moon after 17 space missions and secondly was Apollo 17 truly the last flight to the moon? For many years there has been a ton of conspiracy theories about Apollo 18 including ‘real Apollo 18 footage’ featuring aliens, government conspiracies and more.

Apollo 18 is the latest in a new breed of found footage horror films that was first set off by the Blair Witch Project which to this day is one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. If you had asked me to go walk in the woods after watching Blair Witch I would have 100% told you to go pack sand.

Apollo 18 basically takes the formula of Blair Witch and wraps it up in the space program and puts you in a claustrophobic lunar shuttle on the moon with no escape, and little hope. If you asked me to go to the moon after seeing Apollo 18 my answer would be a similar hell no but then I am afraid of heights and when you combine heights with something evil lurking on the moon it’s not a good mix.

Apollo 18 is a fast moving creepy creepy experience that works well for what it is. It wont win any awards and I doubt that mainstream film fans will rave about it but there is definitely an audience for this film.

If you like point of view horror and can overlook the odd cliché ‘bump in the dark’ scares you will enjoy Apollo 18. For me Apollo 18 is a fantastic concept that is executed moderately well. I think with better editing and a few tweaks this movie could have been truly terrifying. As it is Apollo 18 is a creepy and worthy addition to the new found footage subgenre of horror but not  a film I will run out to see again.

I give this film a 7 out of 10. I don’t regret seeing it, I enjoyed the concept but it did not bring enough to the table to make me want to go and see it again anytime soon. Apollo 18 is summed up for me as Blair Witch in space with a sci-fi twist.



  1. Www Clint

    That’s y u don’t see moon rocks for sale on ebay

  2. Traum Pamela

    Thought it was awesome!

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