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July 18th, 2018

Red State DVD/Blu-Ray Release Date

Kevin Smith has been bound and determined to do things his way with every last detail in regards to how RED STATE gets seen and released. This news is no different- Kevin Smith recently announced a Red Province tour which is similar to the Red State USA Tour he did earlier this year in the states, except the province tour takes place in Canada. Smith has also announced an Academy Award qualifying event later on this month and he’s been hinting at the coming theatrical release with Q&A via satellite.

So while the news has been circulating for a while, RED STATE will also be appearing on Video On Deman starting September 1, 2011 and the newest information being that the film will hit DVD and Blu-Ray on October 18, 2011. So what does this mean for any theatrical release? Smith plans to continue plans for theatrical release and will continue touring with the movie as long as he possibly can because of his love of showing the movie to people on the big screen and interacting with his audience, which is (in my opinion) a very inspired and cool move by the director.

Everything Smith has done regarding the making, release and distribution of the film I find to be very inspiring and commendable. It’s reassuring to see a director like Smith not just sell out at every opportunity especially after all the flack he took from COP OUT and of course his Southwest airlines incident. Smith has never been quiet about his disdain for those who criticize his work and take personal shots at him and rightfully so. I applaud Smith not only for delivering is best film to date but for maintaining his integrity as an artist and a person.

Will you be buying, renting or avoiding RED STATE when it hits shelves in October?


  1. Wainscott

    I’ll definitely be buying the Blu-Ray when it comes out.

  2. Fred

    Buying. Got to show support for anyone willing to stick thief neck out there like that and do it thief way

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