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May 20th, 2018

The “Not So” Last Exorcism

Just when you though it was safe to expel demons from troubled young Louisiana teens- news comes that a sequel is in the works for Daniel Stamm’s THE LAST EXORCISM. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Damien Chazelle is in charge of the script and Studio Canal providing backing the project financially.

THE LAST EXORCISM followed a priest that suffers from a slight crisis of faith and enlists a camera crew to film his last performed exorcism. The goal is to expose exorcism for the hoax he believes it to be, but never expected the horror that awaited him when he goes to ‘expe’ a demon from a young Louisiana teen, Nell.

Stamm’s film went on to make over $60 million at the box office on just over $1 million budget so obviously the success of the film prompted the producers to go forward with a sequel. I have no idea where they plan to take the direction of the sequel, given the events of the first film, but I remain interested nonetheless. Personally I don’t think the film needs a sequel or really facilitates the need for a sequel let alone a prequel, but until I see the final product I reserve any extremely harsh judgment.

What are your thoughts on a sequel to THE LAST EXORCISM?

Via: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. As long as they don’t follow the formula of a hand held camcorder to make the entire sequal then I can see it working with a follow up. Maybe a story of another preacher with an investigation team in search for the first preacher that disappeared and have them fall in the hands of a demonic cult. Then end it with that new preacher camcording the final events of his life

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