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May 21st, 2018

Transformers 3 Scene Taken From The Island!

I have no doubt that Michael Bay haters will find new ways to hate on him once word spreads about his using footage from one of his older films in Transformers 3. Youtube user Cinefilo has a serious eye for detail and noticed some scenes that were not just familiar in Transformers Dark of the Moon but lifted from Michael Bays earlier action junkie film The Island.

Obviously if you have not seen Transformers 3 you might want to hold off watching the 1 minute comparison clip below but I can tell you I watched it and found it to contain no real spoilers. I think it is quite creative for Michael Bay to make use of his own footage rather than having to reshoot entirely new scenes when he doesn’t have to.

Michael Bay has brought new definition to using stock footage by using his own stock footage. Checkout the clip below which we have found via the fine folks at Slashfilm. Be sure to also checkout our detailed review of Transformers 3. As of writing this article the film has a 75% approval rating with our readers based on almost 1,000 fan votes so it would appear its obvious that Michael Bay has delivered a fun summer blockbuster worthy of his name.


  1. Guest

    I’m sorry did you just say it was “quite creative”? I liked the movie but this is disgraceful

  2. Davidvereker

    Who gives a shit! you fucking nerds. The average normal person(not internet nerd hater) wouldn’t notice

  3. Anonymous

    why does it matter if he used 2 shots from a previous film if they worked well? Transformers 3 was really good and no one would’ve ever know if this video hadn’t been put up

  4. Actually, Bay lied about this. He claimed the movie was filmed entirely in 3D. But to be reusing old footage from a 2D movie, it had to be converted into 3D post process. All this just to save a couple of bucks on filming a new scene? Bay is an amateurish hack.

    • Anonymous

      joe you have just made a very good point. how was the entire film shot in 3D with recycled stock footage? Kudos to you i would love to know the answer

    • SVS

      all the scenes that were filmed were filmed in 3D, stock footage was not, get over yourself. Seriously what have you done?

  5. Starturtle

    There is a reason for the reused footage. During filming of Transformers 3 last year an extra, Gabriella Cedillo, 24, was left paralysed after an accident during a car chase scene.

    A cable pulling one of the vehicles reportedly snapped and went through the windshield of her car, hitting her in the head.

    According the film website IGN, the old footage from “The Island” was used in replacement of the accident footage.

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