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June 20th, 2018

Transformers 3 Breaks Box Office Record

Transformers 3 is not only winning over audiences and breathing new life into 3D it’s also breaking box office records. Box Office Tracker Exhibitor Relations is showing that the third film Dark Of The Moon will bring in over $100million by the 4th of July making it the largest holiday box office on record.

The record was previously held by Spiderman 2 which brought in 88million. We asked you our readers what you thought of Transformers 3 and with over 2,000 votes as of right now 78% of you say the movie is worth seeing with many raving about how fantastic the 3D is.

3D Box office take has been on the slide over the last while with Green Lantern taking the hardest hit with less than 40% of its revenue coming from 3D ticket sales. Transformers 3D on the other hand has seen over 60% of its revenue come from 3D ticket sales.

Michael Bay is hated by most critics and many film fans but he also has a diehard fan base and when you tie that to a franchise like Transformers it is very hard to not win. The combined box office take of the original Transformers movie, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen and Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon is a staggering $889million and shows exactly why Michael Bay is one of the most bankable directors in Hollywood.

I have been battling a horrible summer cold so if you like me have not seen it yet here are two quick quotes from two writers who have reviews on our site. The first is from Rob Keye’s

Transformers: Dark of the Moon represents Michael Bay and Shia LaBeouf’s apparent last go at the Paramount Pictures summer blockbuster franchise and they made sure to go out with a bang. Some of the issues fans may have had with the previous films return, but some were also rectified. All of that is trumped by the visual spectacle we all know is the film’s primary function. That and Optimus Prime becoming the biggest bad-ass in film. Bay or not, a fourth Transformers film will be greenlit soon and it’ll be interesting to see how they continue the series after the conclusion of Dark of the Moon.

And Luke a long time contributor writes;

One historical space race, one resurrected Prime, two less racist robots, one dissed Megan Fox and millions of dollars worth of property damage and TRANSFORMERS 3: DARK OF THE MOON is in the books. Michael Bay may not have fully learned his lesson from REVENGE OF THE FALLEN but the third entry to his TRANSFORMERS franchise is still an improvement over the second. DARK OF THE MOON is an impressive visual spectacle that dips a few too many times in its overused and lackluster comedic bag of tricks.

Without question Transformers will become a billion dollar franchise in the next month if things keep up as they are at the box office.



  1. TransformersFanatic1

    Best Movie Ever!!!

  2. The extensive use of cgi action scenes was what ruined the film for me, and although I never fully agree with the typical view that modern films have too much cgi and effects and not enough good story, this film certainly presented a convincing case that the above statement is true. As there is so much shooting, exploding and fighting in this film there is relatively little time for dialogue, which was largely, poorly written, and full of clichés.

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