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June 19th, 2018

Transformers 3 Box Office Closing in on $200 million

Transformers 3 is ravaging the planet in Decepticon style having brought in over $200million at the box office. I told you earlier in the week that it would be almost impossible for the Transformers franchise not to quickly hit the billion dollar mark and as of today Box Office Mojo has the Transformers movie series total box office revenue at $907million. $200million of that coming from the very short run that Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon has had in theatres.

In our reader poll on site the vote is pretty much unanimous with 76% of you saying that Transformers 3 is worth seeing with 2,665 votes and counting. Rob Keyes one of the writers who reviewed the film on our site writes about the film;

Transformers: Dark of the Moon represents Michael Bay and Shia LaBeouf’s apparent last go at the Paramount Pictures summer blockbuster franchise and they made sure to go out with a bang. Some of the issues fans may have had with the previous films return, but some were also rectified. All of that is trumped by the visual spectacle we all know is the film’s primary function. That and Optimus Prime becoming the biggest bad-ass in film. Bay or not, a fourth Transformers film will be greenlit soon and it’ll be interesting to see how they continue the series after the conclusion of Dark of the Moon.

Transformers 3 has not only been making a fortune at the box office but has reversed the downward spiral of 3D ticket sales. Leading up to the Green Lantern film audiences have been tuning out of 3D with Green Lantern’s 3d ticket sales reportedly making up less than 40% of its revenue. Transformers 3 has seen an impressive 60% of its revenue come from 3D ticket sales according to The Wrap. The studio put a lot of effort into promoting the 3D techniques used in Transformers so this combined with a very popular franchise likely helped 3D sales thrive with fans.

Transformers Dark of the Moon has made 57% more at the box office so far then the previous film Revenge of The Fallen which comes as no surprise since for me the second film was a pretty flat film.

The most heated topic to come out of the new Transformers movie is our Rosie Huntington Whitely vs Megan Fox thread which if you have seen the movie we would love to get your two cents on.


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  1. Technologically, “Dark Of The Moon” is Bay’s best work so far – and action fans looking to be awed by scenes of massive mayhem and destruction in 3D should be satisfied. Story-wise, this one is better than “Revenge Of The Fallen”, but not as fun and emotionally-connecting as the first.

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