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May 24th, 2018

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Release Date is Set

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3DTobe Hooper’s 1973 Horror Classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is getting remade yet again only this time it will be in 3D. The film’s release date for Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D according to Variety is October 5th 2012 and it has been in production for a month. The film is going to be directed by John Lussenhop but there is no word on casting.

If you hate remakes you are very likely going to hate the fact that this movie is getting remade yet again with no other justification then it can be done since nobody has done it in 3D yet. The film was remade in 2003 under the direction of Marcus Nispel and is frankly one of the best horror remakes I have seen.

I fully expect this new 3D cash grab will be something to be incredibly wary of since there is absolutely no need for this movie to be made. Texas Chainsaw 3D is packing a gimmick to see if it can snatch $10 out of our wallet.

What’s Playing have the outline of what The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D will be about but please be warned this synopsis / overview contains some spoilers so do not read it if you don’t want to have some potential spoilers revealed.

“The new film, set today, will see the authorities and some angry townspeople ambushing the Sawyer home — where Jeb Stuart is accused of carrying out his butchering.

Hooper, the local by-the-book sheriff, had agreed to give Leatherface/Jeb Sawyer a fair trial and grant him a good lawyer…. But that’s before local mayor Burt Hartman, an imposing town tough-guy, arrives with a mob to see that the murderer/s don’t even make it past their front door. Though they both want justice, Hooper and Burt have different methods. Things escalate when Burt’s mob start tying ropes to trees, prepping for a hanging, and ultimately throw a flaming cocktail into the Sawyer home… burning the place, and it’s residents (including Jeb’s father, Drayton, played by Bill Moseley), to the ground.

What are your thoughts? Will the 3D technology make you want to shell out some money to see yet another Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie?


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  1. Ice Tea Productions

    Yes of curse we want to see another one. I can’t wait for it! And it’s not a remake aether. It’s a sequel to the original. And as a fact money is the only reason they started making movies to begin with. So saying it’s just about money yea it’s about money and that’s the reason every movie in human history was made so it could make money.

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