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June 19th, 2018

Updated: Official Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer

paranormal activity 3

I’m sure everyone is being overwhelmed with the amount of news and content all over the web regarding Comic Con.

I haven’t had the chance to sift through much of I, but I was able to see that a trailer for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 was released. You can check it out below and feel free to leave your thoughts below.

I have not had a chance to check it out myself but once I do I will pitch in my thoughts. The sequel is the third film in the immensely successful franchise that hits theaters October 21, 2011 with the boys from CATFISH stepping in to direct.


Update: Watched the trailer….I am not totally enamored with it, but it’s early too. I am a pretty big fan of the first two films and I loved CATFISH so my hopes are still pretty high that the third entry will be decent. Also, I don’t wanna toot my own horn, but I talked about the possible direction the third film could go once it was announced they were going ahead with another sequel…and if I’m not mistaken, going down the road to see where this all began and how this spirit began following the sisters was the most logical one I spoke about! Just sayin PA producers….next time just gimme a call! You can read my PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 spoiler filled talk HERE, but here’s a quote where I talk about the possible plot for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3:

“The idea that seemed to make the most sense to me, due to how the second film unfolded, was that the third film would go back even farther and chronicle the events that Katie and Kristi experienced when they were younger and possibly uncovering what caused their family to be burdened by the demon in the first place. It is possible to also expand on the events and fast forward to the current timeline with Katie possibly coming to after being possessed by the demon realizing what has happened and hiding out somehow, still being tormented viciously by the demon.

However, now that it is in possession of Hunter you could argue that it is possible the demon has already claimed Hunter’s soul, but that just seems too sinister to handle for today’s sensitive American audiences. It could also follow Ali as she looks into the whereabouts of her aunt Katie and her stepbrother Hunter, but would there be enough substance and scares to sustain the tone of a PARANORMAL ACTIVITY film.”

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  1. Brinaesmith

    this is gonna be amazing i love this movie to death and i cant wait till it comes out so i can see it YAAAAAAA legooooooo

  2. Jennifer Poitras

    where can i watch it?

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