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May 20th, 2018

Oakley 3D Glasses, No More Headaches from 3D!

Oakley 3D GlassesI have often complained about 3D primarily because of the cheap migraine inducing glasses but it seems there is a solution. Oakley has new 3D Glasses available to purchase that will hopefully make the 3D experience better for those who can afford it.  I have not tried the glasses myself but reader Kurt likes them writing;

I saw it in 3d, but I have purchased the Oakley 3d glasses made for theater’s only. While they cost $120.00, they are worth every penny and more—no more headaches, perfect merge of color, brighter colors, they wrap so there is no longer a peripheral vision problem–it’s unbelievable, and I now understand the excitement from Hollywood about the potential of the new 3d medium–you must get a pair…especially if you are reviewing movies and acting as a public opinion maker!

I went and checked out Oakley’s site and they actually have collectors glasses specifically made and designed for Transformers 3. I have no idea who was responsible for promoting it but it’s a shame since I think those who could afford it would have loved to snag a pair and experience Transformers 3D with their Transformers Special Edition 3D Glasses and use them in future for other 3D flicks. Here is what Oakley writes about their new 3D glasses;

We just opened up a whole new dimension in entertainment. OAKLEY 3D GASCAN® is the first optically correct 3D eyewear ever made. Use it in any movie theater that has RealD®, the 3D system used in the majority of cinemas around the world. This is the “Oakley” of 3D eyewear so it gives you the ultimate in clarity, comfort and performance, and all that adds up to the ultimate 3D experience.

With ordinary 3D eyewear, there can be ghosting or “crosstalk” between the images that reach each eye from one moment to the next. Inferior 3D lenses can also diminish clarity and fidelity, causing subtle distortions that cheat you out of the full entertainment experience. Lens glare can be an annoying distraction, and your perception of colors can be altered. The problems aren’t limited to vision. Conventional 3D eyewear does not fit well, so comfort is a major issue.

Oakley has applied its decades of innovation to achieving a new benchmark in 3D eyewear. HDO-3D™ technology allows us to create lens curvature that maximizes your field of vision for a full panoramic view. As the world’s first optically correct 3D eyewear, OAKLEY 3D GASCAN gives your eyes sharp images that are true and accurate. What it doesn’t do is make images appear magnified or shifted like conventional 3D eyewear.

With Oakley 3D eyewear, problems like ghosting and glare are virtually eliminated. Color perception is more accurate, so you’ll see what the director had in mind for every shot. Your vision will be clear and accurate, and with an Oakley engineered frame, you know you’ll have the most comfortable fit possible. All those benefits come with the quality, durability and style you expect from a world leader in eyewear technology.

Worth noting I have never tried the Oakley 3D glasses and cannot attest to how well they do or do not work. I also am not clear on whether it works in every theatre, certain theatres, etc. So this is my way of saying they sound cool and appear to be fantastic but don’t buy them strictly based on my write up as I have never tried them.

If you have tried these 3D glasses or any others for theaters please let us know in the comments. I and everyone else reading would appreciate hearing your experience and hopefully more of us can experience 3D without the nauseating side effects.



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