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April 26th, 2018

DVD Release Picks For July 19, 2011

Another very light diet of DVD viewing for this week, which might be a good thing since there were plenty of choices to go through last week. If you’re like me and have almost every movie from last week on your Netflix queue then you are also like me in seeing “Very Long Wait” next to the title anyway and the Redbox is completely picked over. If that’s the case maybe you’ll be able to get out and get a hold of these titles before everyone else starts returning last week’s titles.


I really like Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro, but before LIMITLESS came out I had absolutely no interest in seeing this. After seeing it get pretty good word of mouth I become a little more interested, but still not getting that feeling of needing to see it. With the tremendous backlog of films waiting in the wings for me to view it’s likely by the time I’m ready to watch this it will be on Netflix Watch Instantly and won’t have to suffer from the “Long Wait” disease. Verdict: Rent It

Take Me Home Tonight
Held back for a few years, TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT suffered at the box office in a big way. It might be because of an extended delay or it might be that it just didn’t stick out from the competition (THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, RANGO and BEASTLY) during its theatrical run. The film also didn’t benefit from word of mouth which may also have contributed to lackluster box office receipts. Still, for a movie that suffered at the box office it is the last of the March 4th releases to find its way to DVD. Verdict: Don’t Bother

Upcoming DVD & Blu-Ray releases for July 26, 2011: Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, Source Code and the TV set everyone is waiting for….Jersey Shore Season 3

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  1. I have hope that Limitless will continue the decent sci-fi year – along with Source Code, The Adjustment Bureau and, of course, Super 8. I’m hoping upcoming releases don’t disappoint either, but for that I’ll take the opinions at

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