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June 25th, 2018

Despicable Me Will Return, Sequel in 2013

Despicable Me Will See the Minions ReturnUniversal Studios has announced plans for a sequel to the animated feature film Despicable Me.  Despicable Me 2 release date is set for July 3rd 2013. I have to be honest as much as this film received a pile of hype it is not one of my favourite animated films. The film was a huge success bringing in over $250million at the box office.

It offered an outstanding team of voice over actors including Steve Carell, Russell Brand and Miranda Cosgrove and top notch animation but for whatever reason it fell a bit flat with me. That said the studio Illumination that made the film is being pegged as the next big thing and a potential threat to the dominance of Pixar. They have an outstanding team of animators and if they can put together the right writing team they can make a real run of things. Especially after the debacle that was Cars 2 featuring extreme violence including murder… seriously Pixar shake your heads.

As well as working on a sequel to Despicable me the film’s writers Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio are working on animated shorts featuring Gru’s minions to be released in advance of the sequel to help promote the film. Where and how they will be released is unknown but I look forward to it since the minions were definitely a highlight of the film.



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