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June 19th, 2018

The Amazing Spider Man Trailer Details

Just this week Entertainment Weekly gave us our first look at the film and now we have word on the trailer. Comic Book film site SuperHeroHype is reporting that the trailer will be attached to Captain America which hits theaters on July 22nd. This Spider Man is quite different from the Sam Raimi production which starred Tobey Maguire this film directed by Marc Webb is a much darker and grittier origins story.

The premise of this one will be more about teen angst and his high school years and his struggles with inner demons. I still feel quite frankly it is way to early to be rebooting the Spider Man franchise but it beats a Spider Man 4 since I think that franchise has run its course about as far as it can go.

Andrew Garfield stars as Spider Man / Peter Parker, Rhys Ifans will play the villain Doc Conners aka The Lizard, and Emma Stone plays the love interest.  As soon as the trailer officially is released you will see it here and of course if you are going to see Captain America that will also give you a good first look at it.


  1. Moonraker

    I hated the Rami Spider-Man series – terrible FX with long-in-the-tooth actors.  I’m not too excited for ANOTHER origin story, but I’m sure it will be better than the Rami garbage.

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