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May 21st, 2018

Adrianne Palicki Joins GI Joe 2 Cast

When I think of really bad movies GI Joe comes right to mind but that is not stopping the studio from doing  a sequel. Two of the latest names to be added to the mix are The Rock and Adrianne Palicki.

Adrianne you will recall was to play Wonder Woman in the short lived TV show which never even aired before being cancelled for reasons that are unknown to a lowly blogger such as myself. I didn’t like the idea of the show from the moment I saw the first promo photo and I am sure I am not alone.

Adrianne Palicki according to Deadline has now been cast in the upcoming GI Joe 2 movie to play Lady Jaye. The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson it was revealed earlier in the week will also have a role in the film and will play the part of Road Block.

GI Joe 2 is being directed by Jon Chu and is slated to be released in August of 2012. As much as I hated the first GI JOE movie on just about every level it did make a boat load of money. It cost $175million to make but it brought in over $300million. The sequel which is being written by the writers of Zombieland and will likely end up releasing in 3D at least has the benefit of new cast members, a new director, a cheaper budget and new writers.

Are you on board for GI Joe 2? What did you think of the first one?


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