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May 24th, 2018

Adam West Cameo in Dark Knight Rises?

Now this is some very interesting and might I add somewhat shocking news. Adam West has been spotted near and in some people’s comments on the set of Dark Knight Rises. Various twitter users are reporting that Adam West has been seen in Nottingham by Woolaton Hall which is doubling as Wayne Manor.

Local news site in the UK ‘This is NottinghamAdam West in Dark Knight Rises Movie?’ has multiple users saying they have spotted Adam West in the area and one says he was spotted driving a strange car in ‘Gotham’ for whatever that is worth. Of course this is by no means official and until we hear something from the studio it’s simply interesting speculation but you have to wonder what Adam West is doing near the set of the latest batman movie.

Adam West is of course the original Batman and I can think of nothing more fashionable then if Christopher Nolan was to cast him in a small cameo role in the final film in the new Dark Knight franchise.  That said as much as I believe the locals in Nottingham have seen Adam West I am not sure Nolan would be eager to cast him.

A lot of folks know Adam West’s face and name and it would be highly distracting with the diehard fans seeing Adam West in a cameo where he is not somehow disguised. It would take away drastically from the tone and overall arc of the film to have the original Batman who starred in a very cheesy 60’s series pop up in the very dark 21st century batman movie.

What do you think of the cameo idea good or bad? In related news the leaked Dark Knight Rises / Fan trailer is still generating a ton of buzz on this site with the official trailer rumoured to hit theatres in front of the final Harry Potter movie.


  1. It would be a bad move for the franchise. 

  2. kirk

    Since Talia will be going by the alias Miranda Tate, Adam West will perform his Batman-era song “Miranda”

  3. Lon

    That’s what I want to see! Adam West as a lounge singer, performing “Miranda” as Bruce and Miranda/Talia dance romantically!

  4. is appearnce should be like the earth 2 batman, old and ready to give his life for the cause as the retire batman, frank miller style, other than that keep him out of the picture.. the movie needs no campy touch to it….I see this as a nothing role with little to add to the batman films, I will be staying home on this bat-trip…..

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