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June 17th, 2018

The Walking Dead Season 2 Updates

Its been awhile since we shared any updates on The Walking Deads second season so I wanted to take a minute and recap some of the more interesting talking points about the show. I will admit I have never read the graphic novels by Robert Kirkman but the TV show is easily one of my favorite mini series of all time.

It is also the first TV show which I paid to see on Xbox Live’s Video on Demand Service. I never thought I would buy a TV show but I also never figured such imaginative and creative television would finally get made.

With that all said there is alot to talk about in regardes to Walking Dead Season 2 so lets get right to it. First off Walking Dead Season 2 has begun shooting and the first creepy zombie photo has been released by AMC and can be viewed below.

The Walking Dead Season 2

The recent internet buzz has been around a rumor that the King himself, Stephen King that is, is very much interested in being a part of Season 2. This news comes out of the 37th Annual Saturn awards. Stephen King apparently has been corresponding with Frank Darabonte by email and hopefully Frank and Stephen can team up on this season if not the third season. I can think of nobody I would rather see involved with the Walking Dead franchise then Stephen King.

We can’t very well talk about Stephen King joining walking Dead Season 2 without talking about the firing of the Season 1 Walking Dead writing team. In an interview with Deadline Frank Darabonte delved into this issue telling Deadline quote;

Let me just begin by stating the obvious: that it was all pretty overblown. It left the impression that I walked in one day and murdered 12 people. Would you like to know how many writers we were talking about? Two. My thought had been that they’d under-delivered, and a change was necessary. I had to do too much of it by myself last year, and that was only six episodes.

This season, it’s 13 and we’ve hired a fantastic writing staff. We hired Glen Mazzara as our Number Two in the room. We consider him our head writer and he’s just a fantastic asset. We’ve also got three other staff writers in Scott Gimple, Evan Reilly from Rescue Me, and Angela Kang. Plus Executive Producer Robert Kirkman, who wrote the original comic book, is also writing for us.

The other big question is whether the powerful female character of Michonne would appear in Season 2 of the Walking Dead. Unfortunately and fortunately she will not appear in Season 2 according to Fearnet. It is fortunate because it means we have something really fantastic to look forward to in Season 3 since that is where Darabonte says she will make her debut. They do not have anybody in mind to play the role but Darabonte promises it will blow our minds.

Michonne is a very mysterious but all be it key character within the survivor group once she arrives. In the comic series she is first encountered by a character named Otis and she has two zombies shackled and on a leash which she is keeping for reasons I wont spoil or reveal in this post. Michone is an incredibly deadly warrior and her weapon of choice is a Katana which as you can imagine likely leads to some great carnage. The introduction of this strong female voice in Season 3 of Walking Dead will be something to look forward to.

The Walking Dead Season 2 despite earlier rumours it would arrive this summer is expected to arrive sometime this fall. The series picks up after the explosion at the CDC facility.  The original cast is returning with many new faces as well as they make their way to Herschel farm and discover a group of survivors headed by a Veterinarian who has a very unique outlook on the infection.  Obviously with this new location comes a bunch of new characters including Lauren Cohan as Maggie Hershel, Pruit Taylor Vince as Otis the kind hearted farm hand and Scott Wilson as Hershel Green

Finally to wrap this recap up below is the first footage from the set of Walking Dead Season 2. I for one am incredibly excited for Season 2 and am incredibly pleased that AMC has expanded the series to 13 episodes vs the six episodes of Season 1. Are you excited? Ready to tune in for Walking Dead?

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  1. Anonymous

    i think we all wanted to see michonne this season, but it will be a good thing to look forward to in the future.  i’m sure there will be plenty of other things to keep us entertained until then.

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