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September 18th, 2018

Top 10 Disney Pixar Movies

To celebrate the release of CARS 2 I felt it to be a delightful trip down memory lane to revisit my favorite movies from the Disney Pixar universe. I have to spoil this beforehand, but I felt that the original CARS was one of the lesser Pixar efforts, but over time I had appreciated it a litter more. My excitement for CARS 2 is relatively low, but Pixar has yet to turn in an overall bad movie, so my hopes are still high.

Check out my list below and feel free to share your favorite Disney Pixar movies!

10. A Bug’s Life – Here comes the first confession of the list. There are only a limited number of Pixar movies to choose from; so how many different combinations could be on any single person’s list? As I’m writing this there are twelve Pixar movies to pick from and one of them is BRAND new and I have not yet seen, and the other is a movie with the exact same characters and I already admitted it was the lesser of the rest of them. It was hard to choose for number 10 because I don’t have many fond memories of A BUG’S LIFE. What I do remember is at least liking the film while not loving it and it’s been quite some time since I last revisited it. So while the bottom spot on the list is a bit wishy washy for my taste I am quite confident on the placement of the following nine picks.

9. Toy Story – The first feature that Pixar put forward will always have a spot near and dear to my heart. Unfortunately, as the years pass Pixar is going forth to bigger and better things. The animation becomes more detailed and the technology capable of creating much more complex and vibrant mapping which labels the first TOY STORY as dated or retro as opposed to new and exciting. The love is still there though for the film that introduced Woody and Buzz and that can never be forgotten.

8. The Incredibles – I absolutely loved THE INCREDIBLES the first time I watched it. Time and many re-watches have not been kind to my memory of it. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the film, but there’s just something missing from it when I watch it now. The animation is good, but for me not quite the best Pixar has to offer, although it is very impressive at scattered moments throughout. I like the message the movie puts out, I just don’t have the emotional connection to it I had the first time around.

7. Monsters Inc. – A few of my choices on this list are movies that took me quite some time to finally check out. MONSTERS INC. was just a film that never landed on my radar and when I told my wife (semi-dating at the time) about my passion for animated movies she asked if I’d ever seen this one and I said “nope” and so we made a night of it. I was quite impressed with everything in the movie the animated textures, voice acting and the animation. The lower position is mostly because it just never resonated with me like other films on the list.

6. Toy Story 2 – It took me years before I finally sat and watched TOY STORY 2. I have no idea why, it’s not because I never had interest or time. To be perfectly honest, the DVD had been sitting in my DVD collection for years and one night I told my wife I’d never watched it and she just sort of stared at me with a blank stunned glare. I watch so many movies in an odd amount of time that not seeing the sequel to a beloved animated classic was quite the shocker. I love TOY STORY 2, and aside from that story, I have no insights to bestow, besides SPOILER ALERT there’s gonna be another chance to read about the TOY STORY series further down in the list.

5. Finding Nemo – When I saw FINDING NEMO I fell in love with it at the time. I still love it and it will always be a special movie for me but Pixar continually turns in quality movies; so as much as I want to put this higher I feel the middle is still pretty good. I ended up appreciating the animation in FINDING NEMO the most as I actually learned how to do computer animation after it was released and watched the film during a class and knowing how hard the animation can be made me appreciate the film even more, as I feel with almost all animated films now.

4. WALL-E – I know a lot of people that didn’t just not like WALL-E, but in fact actually hate it. It’s true that it is a different type of Pixar movie in which for a majority of the film there is little to no dialogue, but I find the character of WALL-E very lovable and the romance between him and EVE was very cute. The animation in WALL-E was spectacular and there is quite a bit of laughs to be had.

3. UP – As much as I have loved just about every Pixar movie that gets release and how much I love computer animated movies, I just couldn’t muster that much excitement for UP. I knew I would probably see it at some point but I wasn’t excited about it. When I finally caught it on DVD I loved it. The film is both heartwarming with a very cool adventure in the center. I love dogs so the whole talking collar on the dog characters had me rolling with laughter.

2. Ratatouille – I had little to know recognition when RATATOUILLE was in theaters. The way I remember it was me and my wife (girlfriend at the time) were sitting around bored, I took a look at the movie times saw it was playing and we went. I hadn’t seen a trailer, a poster or anything, so my awareness was to say the least, low. When I walked out at the time I was raving about how much I loved the film and its very inspiring message. It caught me by surprise but even now I love watching it and am always trying to pass it off for my nephews to watch and love it as much as me.

1. Toy Story 3 – All of the TOY STORY movies increased in quality and TOY STORY 3 had some pretty hefty emotional beats going on. The key scene for me being the moment the toys are facing their own mortality; I nearly lost it right there in the theater. The voice acting was great as always and the animation was just fantastic. At the end of the film I can confidently say that I’d be ok with another sequel, but am perfectly fine with that being the last adventure with Woody and the gang.

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  1. Filmfan

    A Bug’s Life is the best disney pixar film of all time by far followed by monsters inc and toy story 3.

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