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May 22nd, 2018

Rise of the Planet Of The Apes: New Trailer / Poster

SPARTACUS!!! That is what this brand new international poster for the upcoming Rise of the Planet of the Apes says to me when I look at it. Although the studio has never said it this movie is basically a remake of the 1972 Planet of the Apes Movie, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes. What makes this movie quite appetizing to me is two fold. I am first off a huge fan of the Planet of the Apes movies. So much so that I even hold a warm spot for the remake that Tim Burton did which starred Mark Wahlberg.

The second reason I am excited about this film is because of the outstanding cast. So often Hollywood Producers focus entirely on the cash in and very little on doing it right. It would appear this remake is as much about tapping into a built in audience but also in making sure its done with some credibility by having an incredibly talented cast which includes James Franco, Andy Serkis and Freida Pinto.

RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES combines fantastic storytelling with the next leap in Visual Effects for an emotional and action-packed motion picture experience unlike any other. Man’s arrogance sets off a chain of events that leads to intelligence in apes and a challenge to our place as the dominant species on the planet.

Caesar, the first intelligent ape, is betrayed by humans and rises up to lead his species’ spectacular race to freedom and the ultimate showdown with Man. In Caesar, WETA – the Oscar-winning visual effects team behind Avatar – have created a CGI ape that delivers a dramatic performance of unprecedented emotion and intelligence

Checkout the new international trailer and poster below. The trailer features alot of new footage as well as a somewhat humorous new ‘chimp romance’ angle. I love this trailer and think its the best one for the film yet and just reassures me even more that I will want to be in theaters opening night to see this movie.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes will revolt into theaters on August 5th.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Ceaser Raises Hell in Rise of the Apes Quad Poster

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