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May 20th, 2018

Red State Releasing Earlier Than October?

I’m a huge Kevin Smith fan. I’ve stated more than once how I listen to all of the podcasts he is a part of on his Smodcast network and as of May I’ve been listening to the daily internet radio shows with his wife Jen and also longtime friend Jason Mewes (granted the day after as I’m not able to listen live). Since I’ve had the chance to see RED STATE back in March in Kansas City I’ve been hanging on anything Smith has been saying on the podcasts. I also follow Kevin Smith on Twitter and I try to keep up with his barrage of tweets but sometimes they slip by. However, today I caught a tweet in reply to another follower asking about the possibility to an earlier than October release of RED STATE. The response was as follows:

“What’re you doing Labor Day weekend? Details this month…”

So it looks like we could be getting to see RED STATE much earlier than expected. Once the details are clearer we will know more so stay tuned and follow Kevin Smith on Twitter.


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