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June 21st, 2018

New DVD Release Picks For June 28, 2011

Welcome to the first edition of what I’m hoping to turn in every week in regards to DVD releases. I anticipate that this will go through some face lifts as the weeks go on and things get improved and I get into a grove. Also please note that when I give my rating some of these will be based entirely on speculation and predictions since it is a distinct possibility that I may not have seen every movie being released on that particular day. I will attempt to be fair however that if I haven’t seen it I will hopefully give it a least a rental unless I had absolutely zero interest in seeing it at all.

Please don’t let my personal opinion turn you off from seeing or not seeing something I love or hate. As always, I am not a functioning robot with an opinion that overshadows all and is unfeeling and without judgment. You are always free to make your own decisions on what to watch or avoid, love or hate, buy or rent. So let’s begin.

Season of the Witch
Nicolas Cage has played a wide range of roles, most of which getting increasingly crazy and deranged (see BAD LIEUTENANT). There is a lot of really bad buzz surrounding this one, which in some ways steered me from rushing out to see it in theaters. I still have yet to check this one out, but I assure you it is on my Netflix queue, so at some point my DVD player will be spinning this one. From the sound of things, while the film is far from being good, it does at least sound entertainingly bad. Verdict: Rent It

For me, this is the horror that The Twilight Saga has brought upon us. Sure, I know this was not specifically made because of the glitter covered vampire series, but this movie seemed directed specifically toward the crowd that loves them. I like my Beauty and the Beast stories a little less emo and with something that at least resembles entertainment value. I haven’t seen BEASTLY and the marketing behind the film basically contained subliminal messaging that told me to stay far away, so out of respect to the marketing geniuses, that’s exactly what I’ve done thus far. Verdict: Don’t Bother

The Warrior’s Way
I remember sitting down in the theater and seeing a preview for this during the regular advertisements, right in between a Coke commercial and a cell phone commercial. When it started I actually thought it was going to be the cell phone commercial, except Geoffrey Rush was in it. It wasn’t until the cell phone commercial started that I realized I just watched a trailer for THE WARRIOR’S WAY. I thought it was a joke; not because I thought it looked stupid, but because I didn’t think it was a real movie. I’d never heard of it before that moment, it played at one theater on opening day here and was gone before I knew it. I haven’t seen it, but it is also waiting to be Netflix’ed. Verdict: Rent It

Sucker Punch
I hated this movie. Plain and simple, aside from some cool visuals I found absolutely nothing about SUCKER PUNCH entertaining. The steam filled zombie fantasy was cool, but even there some things were extremely dull. I sat there looking at my watch every ten minutes wondering when I could go on with my day. This was a huge disappointment for me because I loved Zack Snyder’s remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD, liked 300 and his adaptation of WATCHMEN. I recognize and accept that people will find stuff to enjoy about SUCKER PUNCH which is why I’m going to be way more charitable with my verdict than I want to be. The verdict comes with a stipulation though. Verdict: Rent It (but only when it hits on Watch Instantly)

Upcoming DVD Releases for the week of July 5, 2011: Hobo with a Shotgun and not much else that’s noteworthy.

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