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May 25th, 2018

Attack The Block Hits Theaters This July

Over the past few months I have been witnessing a lot of praise being spewed forth for the Joe Cornish directed alien vs. Brit youth film, ATTACK THE BLOCK. There were several screenings held for the film on May 25th, which I was not able to attend, but Twitter was lit up with buzz for the film with people coining the term #blockheads. It seems as though Screen Gems has locked down a release for the film, so keep an eye out at your local movie theater on July 29th for showtimes for ATTACK THE BLOCK.

ATTACK THE BLOCK follows a gang of South London kids that must protect their block from an alien invasion. Recently SUPER 8 has been getting praise for its commitment to being somewhat of a throwback to films like E.T., THE GOONIES and even STAND BY ME and when ATTACK THE BLOCK was screened back in May I was seeing A LOT of GOONIES references on Twitter. All in all it sounds like we are in for some fun when ATTACK THE BLOCK hits theaters in July.

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