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August 1st, 2015

Antoine Fuqua Set To Direct Eminem In Southpaw

Marshall Mathers or Eminem has been slated to star in SOUTHPAW, a film about a left handed boxer plagued with personal tragedies. The film’s writer Kurt Sutter is also the mastermind behind the hit TV series Sons of Anarchy and a possible director has been rumored. The director in question is TRAINING DAY helmer, Antoine Fuqua who was originally slated to direct a biopic about rapper Tupac Shukar, but has since left that project.

Ever since I saw THE FIGHTER I kind of found a renewed interest in boxing films and I loved TRAINING DAY so this all sounds positive to me. Also, although rap/hip hop doesn’t interest me all that much I really enjoyed Eminem’s performance in 8 MILE. What do you guys think about this news regarding the new film, SOUTHPAW, from the mind of Kurt Sutter?

Via: LA Times


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