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May 21st, 2018

Transformers Dark Side of the Moon Early Review

An early review of Transformers Dark Side of the Moon has hit the web and in it Michael Bays Dark Side of the Moon is being praised as the best of the film franchise to date. The film is much darker, better written and has a much larger scope then the first two Transformers movies and according to the reviewer who saw it in its unfinished 2D version it’s an emotional and intense affair.

Michael Bay is known best for his over the top explosive action, intense visuals and tongue in cheek one liners. For this reason it is quite surprising to see praise thrown on his film for having an ‘emotional’ element to it. Michael Bay has delivered with this latest instalment of Transformers the expected action and intensity according to Capone at AICN who reviewed it but it also offers a script that will apparently resonate and connect with us as an audience.

Michael Bay has indicated time and time again that the script for this movie is far superior to the second film and it seems he was spot on in those statements. I have yet to hear anyone use the word ‘emotional’ in describing a Michael Bay film but it seems that in Transformers 3 we are going to see much more than just a massive war between the Decepticons and the Autobots.

The entire last hour of the film it seems focuses on the unrelenting destruction of Washington DC which is what you might expect from a Bay movie. Transformers Dark Side of the Moon is apparently a buffet for the eyes as the non-stop epic destruction unleashes on Washington DC

In contrast the first half of the film is focused entirely on the story of the Transformers, their origins and the war that is about to come from the secret technology that has been hidden on earth from the Autobots that could have saved their race.

Probably the most interesting comments about the film are about Rosie Huntington Whitely. We all know that Megan Fox did very little other then parade around in tight outfits and spew out one liners and I expected even less from Rosie a Victoria’s Secret model. She in my view was literally just a pretty face cast to one up Megan Fox on the ‘hot factor’ and perhaps spite her for her comments about the director by replacing her with somebody with questionable acting ability. Comes off to me as a “you think you’re so great? We are going to recast you with literally just a pretty face”.

The reviewer writes that Rosie is actually quite good in her new role in Transformers Dark Side of the Moon and is miles better then Megan Fox. What does it say when a model with little acting experience upstages your performance? Ouch.

If you were excited for Transfomer’s Dark Side of the Moon this early review from AICN just gives you more reason to be even more excited for the summer blockbuster to arrive. You can read the entire review here. Look for our review of the film when it hits theatres this summer.



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