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January 20th, 2019

THOR Movie Review

If I were to ever sit down and list all the comic books I loved when I was growing up it would be a sure thing that marvels THOR comics would never make that list. Thor was never a bad comic book franchise it was just never my thing. I got off reading Iron Man, X-Men, Wolverine and other tights wearing ass kicking superheroes. So it likely goes without saying that when I went to see THOR today I was not its biggest fan and frankly I debated not going but I would not exactly be doing a very good job reviewing films if I avoided what could end up being one of the biggest box office movies of the summer.

Thor stars Chris Hemsworth as the arrogant hammer swinging god of Thunder and Natalie Portman as his mortal love in the making. Anthony Hopkins co stars as Odin the master of all Asgaard and like every role that Anthony Hopkins takes on you can always be assured he delivers in every aspect of the role.

So the question is what does this luke warm fan of THOR think of the Thor movie? I am going to go out on a limb and say it is the best Marvel movie yet since Iron Man. Is it as good as Iron Man 2? Not only is it as good Kenneth Branagh surpasses it with his intelligently written and well shot actioner starring our favourite hammer wielding ass kicker. I am going to go as far as to say that Thor is nearly as good as the original Iron Man but not quite. Kenneth Branagagh brings a new level of intelligence to the marvel filmverse and frankly just gets me incredibly excited for The Avengers since Joss Whedon the king of all geeks will be directing that one.

Thor features an outstanding cast of well known character actors who are just far enough below the uber fame radar to not spoil their roles with their fame. Everyone delivered and Chris Hemsworth shone proving that he can deliver in a very complex role that is not one of your more mainstream Marvel heroes. Frankly my only issue with the film is Natalie Portman which feels odd even writing. There is no question she is incredibly talented and she does fine enough with the roel but her character was very thin and frankly considering her star power I have no idea why they did not choose to have Kat Denning play that role instead of the ‘sidekick intern’. Why cast Natalie Portman and then use her so poorly? Save your bank roll and let a lesser known talented actress like Kat Dennings fill the role and save a few million.

Thor packs intense visuals on par with Zach Snyders 300 and delivers the action and pace of Iron Man with a great mix of humour, stylish filmmaking and great characters from the THOR comics. If you love the THOR comics you are very likely going to get some serious wood watching the movie. If you like me are not a huge fan you will still find plenty to love in this actioner as Thor dishes out justice against everything and everyone from the Ice Giants of Ymir to The Destroyer and Loki. A huge thumbs up 8.5 out of 10 stars.

Oh and yes there is a spoiler after the end credits and unfortunately unlike with Hulk and Iron Man you will very likely be like me … disappointed. It is the weakest cameo yet but there is an end credits spoiler so don’t leave to soon.



  1. Ljlee12

    LOved this movie! A must see!

  2. BradF

    Joss Whedon is not directing Iron Man 3, he is directing The Avengers. You ,got

  3. LOL! You missed half your childhood for not reading them. As they were a bit more realistic when compared to X-men and others out there… I love Thor the movie.

  4. Anonymous


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  5. Well to say so… I’m a Norwegian. And i’m really in to the viking
    stuff. And i can so that I NEVER would have seen valhalla, Thor and odin
    like this! Their armor are just to out of place! Anyway…. gotta see
    the movie anyways….

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