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May 21st, 2018

A Sequel To Monsters Is In The Works

I have a lot of love for Gareth Edwards’ low budget sci-fi romance flick, MONSTERS. It feel like somewhat of a double edged sword to come across information that Vertigo Films is indeed moving forward with MONSTERS 2. The good is that I enjoyed MONSTERS so much and loved the way they left it open to expand upon that I think a sequel done right would be pretty awesome. The bad is that while Gareth Edwards is attached to the project it’s only as executive producer and part of me is skeptical on just how great a sequel could be.

My skepticism comes from the fact that the sequel is reportedly to follow brothers finding themselves amongst a world of “monsters.” That premise just seems way too similar to the first, with a pair connecting with one another while crossing infected territory. They are trying to sweeten the deal by adding that there will be a variety of aliens this time around, which could be interesting, but I loved the creature design of the first.

Vertigo also announced that Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas will step behind the lens to direct. MONSTERS 2 will carry a budget of $5 million which is considerably higher than the under a mil budget the first film had. No other filming or release details were divulged aside from the note that they were going to keep the integrity of the first film while adding more action into the fold.

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Via: Variety


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