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April 27th, 2018

Hold On To Your Fangs, Fright Night Remake Gets A Rating

Fright Night RemakeThe MPAA can be a tricky bunch; I’ve watched movies that originally received an NC-17 movies then cut down to an R only to see the uncut version and be dumbfounded how that could have been considered an NC-17. That’s a debate for another day though, because with all the watered down remakes, like PROM NIGHT, have scaled down on the gore in favor of appealing to a younger demographic. After I watched the trailer for the remake of FRIGHT NIGHT I felt like the filmmakers were headed right down that road. Well the MPAA has brought their mighty hand down and slapped an R rating on the Craig Gillespie directed remake. The R rating was given for “bloody horror violence and language including some sexual references.”

Don’t get your hopes up too high though because an R rating doesn’t always equal success. The recent NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET was a recent example of a R rated remake that did not live up to the original and even most original R rated movies do not always end up being that great.

Is anyone here excited about the R rated FRIGHT NIGHT REMAKE?

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  1. Woody

    I’ve got high hopes.  Prior to seeing the trailer I had pretty much written this off as a failure.  Although I still have some reservations about it, but all in all I think it is gonna be good.  

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